The Office of Graduate and Professional Studies Graduate Research and Presentation Travel Award provides educational opportunities that reimburses up to $1,000 for travel expenses associated with academic conferences, research projects, and study abroad or internships in the United States and abroad.

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The National Conference on Ecosystem Restoration (NCER) will be held August 26-30, 2018 in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

 Call for Session Proposals

Experts from the science and restoration community are invited to assist with developing the conference agenda by proposing a session. Conference topics of focus are provided on the Session Themes and Topics but don't feel limited to these areas. NCER seeks to capture all emerging issues and new ideas.

Conference Purpose

NCER provides an interactive forum for physical, biological, and social scientists, engineers, resource managers, planners, and policy makers to share their experiences and research results concerning large-scale ecosystem restoration on both national and international levels. This conference provides specialized training and networking opportunities for ecological and environmental professionals working together to meet the challenges of ecosystem restoration.

Who Should Attend?

NCER is a collaborative effort. If you are a scientist, engineer, manager, or policy maker and are actively involved in and/or affected by all aspects of ecosystem restoration, you do not want to miss this conference! Individuals interested in planning and management activities such as setting goals, objectives, and performance standards by which to measure success should be sure to attend. Click here for more on who should attend.

Session Proposals are due October 1, 2017 

Visit the website to download a proposal template!


OGAPS Graduate Assistant Non-Teaching Position

The Office of Graduate and Professional Studies currently has a Graduate Assistant Non-Teaching position opening for an IT Assistant. Please see the attached position description and forward to any of your students that you think would be a good fit for the position.

 Interested applicants should apply online at the Jobs for Aggies website (using the Advanced Search, search for Job ID: 24567). The position posting will close August 24th.

Questions about the position should be directed to JaeCee Crawford, However, please expect a delay in response as JaeCee is out of the office and unable to respond to emails until mid-August.


Wetland Ecology and Pollution: WFSC 628 will be taught by Dr. Jacquelyn Grace this fall and currently has open seats for graduate students.

Wetland Ecology and Pollution: WFSC 628

Tue/Thu 11:10 a.m. to 12:25 p.m. | Fall 2017

Public opinions of wetlands in the United States have shifted drastically in the last hundred years, from “waste” that should be agriculturally converted, to prime habitat worthy of conservation.  Today, wetlands remain central to controversies surrounding riparian rights, conservation, and pollutants. This course will bridge social and biological viewpoints to examine wetlands as ecological systems supporting unique plant and animal communities, the history of wetland policy in the United States and their importance for human use and management in the future, and wetlands as reservoirs of environmental pollutants and endocrine disruptors. Field trips are likely.

 Wetlands as ecological systems that are prime habitats for wildlife and fish; geomorphology, hydrology, limnology, plant and animal communities, and humans use and management; wetlands as ultimate reservoirs of environmental pollutants; distribution, fate and effects of environmental pollutants on aquatic and terrestrial wildlife. Prerequisite: Graduate classification or approval of instructor.

 3.000 Lecture hours


Summer Thesis and Dissertation Services Workshops

Thesis and Dissertation Services is offering two template workshops this summer:

Writing the Thesis in Word workshop (June 28, 1:30pm, Evans Library 612) is here:

 Writing the Thesis in LaTeX workshop (July 12, 1:30pm, Evans Library 612):
Students can register for the workshops at the links provided.

 If students have any questions about the workshops, please contact Sean Roberson or call 979-845-3631.


Grad Camp Sign Up

Registration for incoming Aggie graduate and professional students for GradCamp-2017 is now open! GradCamp is a one-day orientation 
event of Graduate and Professional Student Council (GPSC) that introduces new graduate and professional students to the culture and
core values of Texas A&M University, while also providing an opportunity to get to know the resources and meet new people.
GradCamp 2017 will be held on three days (August 17th, 24th, and 26th), and registration is available for any of these dates. Registration is
first-come, first-serve, so we recommend that those interested register ASAP! The cost of attendance is $25, which also covers a T-shirt,
lunch, and snacks. The link to register for
GradCamp is Please email any questions to:


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We offer two social events per month and two service events per semester along with many other great programs! Mark your calendars with several of our exciting events for this semester.

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