Faculty: Ecosystem management area

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Contact Information Specialization
Angerer, Jay Dr. Jay Angerer
Associate Professor
(254) 774-6053
Agroecological modeling
Briske, David Dr. David D. Briske
T.M. O'Connor Endowed Professor and Texas A&M AgriLife Faculty Fellow
(979) 845-5581
Rangeland ecology
Dr. Caitlyn E. Cooper Dr. Caitlyn E. Cooper
Assistant Professor
(940) 552-9941 ext. 234
Range Ecophysiology
Conner, Richard Dr. J. Richard Conner
(979) 845-7456
Management, range resource and ecological economics
Coulson, Robert Dr. Robert Coulson
Collaborating Faculty, Department of Entomology
(979) 845-9725
Landscape ecology
Eriksson, Marian Dr. Marian Eriksson
Associate Professor
(979) 845-6638
Statistics, forest biometrics
Fox, Bill Dr. William "Bill" E. Fox III
Associate Professor
(254) 774-6034 or (979) 777-3730
Rangeland restoration, ecology
Gan, Jianbang Dr. Jianbang Gan
(979) 862-4392
Forest management and economics
Hamilton, Wayne Wayne Hamilton
Senior Lecturer
(979) 845-5589
Brush control and ranch management
Knight, Robert Dr. Robert Knight
Associate Professor
(979) 845-5557
Watershed management
Kothmann, Mort Dr. M. Mort Kothmann
Professor & Associate Department Head for Undergraduate Programs
(979) 845-5575
Range management systems
Kreuter, Urs Dr. Urs Kreuter
Joan Negley Kelleher Endowed Professor
(979) 845-5583
Human dimensions and socio-economics of rangeland
Lyons, Robert Dr. Robert K. Lyons
Associate Department Head / Professor and Extension Range Specialist
(830) 278-9151 ext. 226
Integrated brush control
Moore, Georgianne Dr. Georgianne W. Moore
Associate Department Head for Graduate Programs, Associate Professor
(979) 845-3765
Pinchak, William Dr. William E. Pinchak
(940) 552-9941
Range animal nutrition
Popescu, Sorin Dr. Sorin C. Popescu
(979) 862-2614
Remote sensing
Rogers, William Dr. William E. Rogers
(979) 845-0317
Ecological restoration, invasive species
Russell, Morgan Dr. Morgan Russell
Assistant Professor and Extension Range Specialist
325-653-4576 X 217
Prescribed burning, livestock grazing management, and population plant ecology
Shaw, Robert Dr. Robert B. Shaw
(979) 845-8642
Agrostology, resource management
Smeins, Fred Dr. Fred E. Smeins
(979) 845-5573
Plant and range ecology
Srinivasan, Raghavan Dr. Raghavan "Srini" Srinivasan
Regents Fellow Professor
(979) 845-5069
Hydrology, water quality and spatial sciences modeling
Struminger, Rhonda Dr. Rhonda Struminger
Assistant Professor of the Practice, Assistant Research Professor
Policy analysis, human and social capital development
Teague, Richard Dr. Richard Teague
Professor & Associate Resident Director - Research
(940) 552-9941 ext 235
Sustainable management, ecological restoration, ecological economics modeling
Tolleson, Doug Dr. Doug Tolleson
Associate Professor & Rangeland Scientist
(325) 387 3168
Rangeland vegetation monitoring, grazing and fire management
Wilcox, Bradford Dr. Bradford Wilcox
Professor, Sid Kyle Endowed Professor in Arid and Semi-Arid Land Ecohydrology
(979) 458-1899