Faculty: Ecosystem science area

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Contact Information Specialization
Angerer, Jay Dr. Jay Angerer
Associate Professor
(254) 774-6053
Agroecological modeling
Armitage, Anna Dr. Anna Armitage
Associate Professor
(409) 740-4842
Coastal and wetlands ecology
Boutton, Thomas Dr. Thomas W. Boutton
Regents Professor and Texas A&M AgriLife Senior Faculty Fellow Sid Kyle Endowed Chair in Arid and Semi-Arid Land Biogeochemistry
(979) 845-8027
Biogeochemistry, soil ecology
Briske, David Dr. David D. Briske
T.M. O'Connor Endowed Professor and Texas A&M AgriLife Faculty Fellow
(979) 845-5581
Rangeland ecology
Coulson, Robert Dr. Robert Coulson
Collaborating Faculty, Department of Entomology
(979) 845-9725
Landscape ecology
Feagin, Rusty Dr. Rusty Feagin
(979) 862-2612
Coastal ecology, spatial analysis
Fox, Bill Dr. William "Bill" E. Fox III
Associate Professor
(254) 774-6034 or (979) 777-3730
Rangeland restoration, ecology
Lawing, Michelle Dr. Michelle Lawing
Assistant Professor
Climate change biology, paleobiogeography, morphometrics
Mohanty, Binayak Dr. Binayak Mohanty
Regents Professor & Texas A&M AgriLife Faculty Fellow COALS Chair in Hydrologic Engineering and Sciences
(979) 458-4421
Vadose zone hydrology
Moore, Georgianne Dr. Georgianne W. Moore
Associate Department Head for Graduate Programs, Associate Professor
(979) 845-3765
Noormets, Asko Dr. Asko Noormets
Associate Professor
Ecosystem ecology, carbon cycle, management effects on ecosystem function
Popescu, Sorin Dr. Sorin C. Popescu
(979) 862-2614
Remote sensing
Rogers, William Dr. William E. Rogers
(979) 845-0317
Ecological restoration, invasive species
Smeins, Fred Dr. Fred E. Smeins
(979) 845-5573
Plant and range ecology
Teague, Richard Dr. Richard Teague
Professor & Associate Resident Director - Research
(940) 552-9941 ext 235
Sustainable management, ecological restoration, ecological economics modeling
West, Jason Dr. Jason West
Associate Professor
(979) 845-3772
Ecosystem ecology
Wilcox, Bradford Dr. Bradford Wilcox
Professor, Sid Kyle Endowed Professor in Arid and Semi-Arid Land Ecohydrology
(979) 458-1899
Wu, Ben Dr. X. Ben Wu
Professor and Presidential Professor for Teaching Excellence
(979) 845-7334
Landscape ecology, ecology education