Faculty: Genetics, systematics, evolution area

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Contact Information Specialization
Appel, David Dr. David Appel
Collaborating Faculty
(979) 845-8273
Tree disease biology, epidemiology and control
Byram, Tom Dr. Tom Byram
Assistant Professor & Texas Forest Service
(979) 845-2556
Forest genetics
Casola, Claudio Dr. Claudio Casola
Assistant Professor of Forest Genomics
Molecular evolution, population genetics
Hatch, Stephan Dr. Stephan L. Hatch
(979) 845-4328
Plant biosystematics
Lawing, Michelle Dr. Michelle Lawing
Assistant Professor
Climate change biology, paleobiogeography, morphometrics
Loopstra, Carol Dr. Carol A. Loopstra
Associate Professor
(979) 862-2200
Molecular biology
Shaw, Robert Dr. Robert B. Shaw
(979) 845-8642
Agrostology, resource management