Recent Doctoral Dissertations


  • Aparecido, L. (Advisor: G. Moore). Plant-Atmosphere Interactions of a Mature Tropical Montane Forest in Response to Wet Canopy Conditions.
  • Cooper, C. (Advisors: G. Moore and C. Morgan). Oak and Pine Physiological Responses to Resource Availability.
  • Huff, T. (Advisor: R. Feagin). Salt Marsh Hydrology and its Impacts on Restoration.
  • Mushinski, R. (Advisor: T. Boutton). The Long-Term Influence of Intensive Timber Harvest on Soil Biogeochemistry and Microbial Ecology.


  • Higgins, M. (Advisor: U. Kreuter). Linking values and framing theories in new energy development: Low-temperature geothermal energy (LTGE) in Coastal Texas.
  • Huff, J. (Advisors: J. Gan and R. Conner). Climate Change and Recreation: Impacts of Climate Change on Landscape Services Associated with Tourism in Big Bend National Park.March, R. (Advisor: G. Moore). Examining Forest Mortality From the 2011 Texas Drought.
  • Lu, M. (Advisors: C. Loopstra and K. Krutovsky). Exome genotyping and association genetics of quantitative traits in a clonally tested loblolly pine population (Pinus taeda L.).
  • Sekoni, T. (Advisor: B. Knight). Impacts of Federal Regulations on Wetlands and Succession Dynamics in Invaded Coastal Prairies of the Texas Gulf.
  • Takow, E. (Advisors: B. Coulson and D. Loh). A Knowledge Base Approach to Site and Variety Selection in Viticulture.
  • Weaver, C. (Advisor: A. Armitage). Nutrient Enrichment Effects Within the Marsh-Mangrove Ecotone: Implications for Mangrove Encroachment.


  • Abdullah, M. (Advisor: R. Feagin). Restoration and Management for Damaged Ecosystems in the State of Kuwait.
  • An, H. (Advisor: J. Gan). Three Essays on Climate Change, Pine Beetle Risk, Forest Productivity and Forestland Value.
  • Franco, J. (Advisors: D. Briske and A. Volder). Evaluating Plant Functional Diversity in an Organic Intercropping System.
  • Rubas, L. (Advisor: R. Conner). Application of Remote Sensing Technology and Ecological Modeling of Forest Carbon Stocks in Mt. Apo Natural Park, Philippines.
  • Tapaneeyakul, S. (Advisors: R. Feagin). Spatial Valuation of Ecosystem Services in Agricultural Lands.


  • Berg, M. (Advisors: B Wilcox and S. Popescu). Integrating Historical Imagery and Sediment Radioisotopes to Shed Light on Long-Term Rangeland Dynamics.
  • Chen, W. (Advisor: J. Gan). Impacts of Climate Conditions and Adaptations on Agricultural Output and Household Income in Inner Mongolia, China.
  • Clifton, K. (Advisor: J. Gan). Linking Institutional Characteristics to Communal Natural Resource Conservation in Cumbres de Monterrey National Park.
  • Foote, J. (Advisor: T. Boutton). Soil Carbon Storage and Dynamics in the Western Gulf Coastal Plain as Impacted by Forest Management.
  • Stroman, D. (Advisor: U. Kreuter). Disseration: Assessing conservation easements as a tool for conservation: the private landowner perspective.
  • Wellman, R. (Advisor: T. Boutton). Soil Nitrogen Transformations in Response to Elevated Temperatures and Altered Rainfall Regimes in Oak Savanna: A Global Change Experiment.
  • Wonkka, C. (Advisors: W. Rogers and U. Kreuter ). Influence of Disturbance, Soils and Socio-Economic Constraints on Restoration in Brush Encroached, Semi-Arid Texas Rangelands.


  • Ariza, M. (Advisor: B. Rogers). Mycorrhizal Associations of the Endangered Terrestrial Orchid Spiranthes parksii Correll and Sympatric Congener Spiranthes cernua: Implications for Conservation.
  • Chen, S-H. (Advisors: D. Loh and B. Coulson). Abundance and Distribution of Africanized Honey Bees in an Urban Environment.
  • Chhatre, V. (Advisor: K. Krutovsky). Population Structure, Associations and Landscape Genomics of East Texas Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda L.)
  • Kulawardhana, R.W. (Advisors: R. Feagin and S. Popescu). Quantification of Salt Marsh Carbon Stocks: Integration of Remote Sensing Data and Techniques with Field Measurements.
  • Toledo, D. (Advisor: U. Kreuter). Identifying Socio-Ecological Factors Influencing the Use of Prescribed Fire to Maintain and Restore Ecosystem Health in Texas, USA and Northern Chihuahua, Mexico.


  • Kantola, I. (Advisors: T. Boutton and T. Gentry). Biogeochemistry of Woody Plant Invasion: Phosphorus Cycling and Microbial Community Composition.
  • Twidwell, D. (Advisor: B. Rogers). From Theory to Application: Extreme Fire, Resilience, Restoration, and Education in Social-Ecological Disciplines.


  • Cheleuitee-Nieves, C. (Advisor: X. Wu and H. Perrotto). Seasonal and Diurnal Patterns of Spatial Spread, Grouping Dynamics and Influence of Resources on a Free-Ranging Cattle Herd in a Semi-Arid Rangelend in South Texas, USA.
  • Robledo, D. (Advisor: X. Wu). Examining the Impact of Calibrated Peer Review (CPR) on Student Writing Developed through Web-Based Ecological Inquiry Projects.


  • Koralewski, T. (Advisor: K. Krutovsky). Comparative Genomic Analysis of Adaptive and Economic Traits Related Genes in Southern Pines.
  • McDonald, A. (Advisor: B. Wilcox). Hydrologic Impacts of Saltcedar Control along a Regulated Dryland River.
  • Mutlu, M. (Advisor: S. Popescu). Estimating Canopy Fuel Parameters with In-Situ and Remote Sensing Data.
  • Palle, S. (Advisor: C. Loopstra). Gene Expression and Association Studies of Wood Development Genes in Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda L.).
  • Seeve, C. (Advisor: C. Loopstra). Gene Expression and Association Analyses of Stress Responses in Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda L.).
  • Williams, A. (Advisor: R. Feagin). Environmental Processes, Social Perspectives and Economic Valuations of the Coast.
  • Young, De'Etra. (Advisor: R. Srinivasan). Impervious Areas: Examining the Undermining Effects on Surface Water Quality.