Ecological Restoration (ECOR)

This degree is designed for students preparing for a professional career in the restoration or reclamation of degraded or severely damaged lands. Job opportunities are available with environmental consulting companies, governmental and non-governmental land management organizations, regulatory agencies and private individuals. This curriculum provides a solid foundation for students planning to pursue an advanced degree in restoration ecology. The faculty in the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management has expertise in restoration of rangelands and forests, natural resources management, and ecosystem ecology.

Why Us?

ecor1"Ecological restorationists literally heal ecosystems, and restoration ecology provides the scientific basis for their practice." - Andre F. Clewell, Former President, Society for Ecological Restoration

Humans depend upon healthy ecosystems for essential goods and services. If those ecosystems are damaged and no longer function properly, the effects of this damage can be disastrous. Ecological Restoration students learn the causes of land degradation and create strategies for repairing ecosystems. This degree applies science to important environmental problems.

Putting Your Degree to Work

ecor2Graduates choose careers such as:

  • Ecological restoration contractor
  • Land trusts and conservancies director
  • Utility company manager
  • Government land manager
  • Government regulatory officer
  • Environmental consultant
  • Mine land reclamation manager
  • Private land manager

From Those Who Know

"I love ecological restoration because it gives me an opportunity to sustain the diversity on the earth, educate others, and restore the ecological connection between people and our planet!" - Patrick Haley, Class of 2012


ecor3The Department of Ecosystem Science and Management awards scholarships amounting to more than $125,000 each year. In addition, multiple scholarships exist for incoming freshmen and current and transfer students through the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.


WE'RE ECO-LOGICAL because Ecological Restoration students not only understand the issues facing the planet, they have the skills to repair damaged ecosystems! The Ecological Restoration degree in the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management at Texas A&M University is the first of its kind in the country. The internationally recognized faculty prepares students to make a difference by improving ecosystems and our quality of life.