Renewable Natural Resources (RENR)

The Renewable and Natural Resources degree is for students with a broad interest in natural resources and ecology, including forestry and associated values such as range and wildland, wildlife, recreation, water, and other environmental sciences. Students may design degree plans emphasizing natural resource management, social and public policy, or biophysical sciences.

Why Us?

The Renewable Natural Resources program prepares students for careers with public and private organizations that plan and manage natural resources. Students will learn how to integrate contemporary scientific issues into the management of renewable natural resources. With many technical electives to choose from, students can shape their degree plans for exciting and diverse career opportunities.

Putting Your Degree to Work

renr01Graduates choose to use their degrees in careers like these:

  • Environmental assessment
  • Policy analysis
  • Government regulatory agencies
  • Environmental consulting
  • Natural resources planning
  • Law
  • Multi-use land management
  • Natural resources management

From Those Who Know

renr02"The RENR degree program provided the foundation of a broad spectrum of studies which is essential to my ability to address problems in my career. The classes taught me to understand the interaction of many different aspects of natural resources rather than a single part!" - Jeremy J. Rice, Class of 2005

"Earning a degree in RENR helped me become more informed about issues facing our environment. As an educator teaching leadership to our next generation of young people, I help them think critically about problems faced by our society!" - Melissa R. Shehane, Class of 2004

"Professors and staff in the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management created an environment that encouraged academic excellence, professional growth, and love for the discipline. In combination with the stimulating courses, my time as both an undergraduate and graduate student proved to be a marketable asset when looking for a job!" - Ali R. Duffel, Class of 2005


The Department of Ecosystem Science and Management awards scholarships amounting to more than $125,000 each year. In addition, multiple scholarships exist for incoming freshmen and current and transfer students through the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.


renr03WE'RE ECO-LOGICAL! because Renewable Natural Resources students not only understand the issues facing the planet, they have the skills necessary to take action. The degree in the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management at Texas A&M University is one of the best of its kind nationwide. Our program provides solid coursework and research experience that prepares students for the professional workplace or pursuit of an advanced degree. Our graduates make a difference by improving the natural world and our quality of life.