Hats Off

Justin and Mike and the Vaughn Construction Company

vaughnProject Manager Mr. Justin S. Garrett and Superintendent Mr. Mike Rains from the Vaughn Construction Company donated time and supplies to build a new sideway on the south side of Horticulture/Forest Science Building. The Ecosystem Science and Management department would like to express their utmost gratitude for this generous gesture. This sidewalk will not only assist in the accessing the building for students and faculty but also the transportation of materials from the front to the back of the building. Now everyone can pass with ease in front of the Holistic Gardens.

This is the letter the department received from Justin Garrett. Project Manager for the NMR building.

"It was our pleasure to help get something done that seem to be long overdue. Vaughn Construction really values our strong relationships with Texas A&M and is always happy to lend a hand when situations like this come to our attention. We look forward to seeing Dr. Gould get lots of use out of the new sidewalk."

Vaughn Construction is privately owned and operated. They maintain one of the largest construction work forces in the market, and our commitment to excellence has helped us earn several industry awards, including the American Subcontractors Association's "General Contractor of the Year" and numerous APEX awards for excellence in construction. With an unparalleled personal attention to detail evident in every phase of a project, we continuously meet the needs of our Owners in the most challenging of environments.

Photo: Justin S. Garrett and Mike Rains, Dr. Jean Gould, and Miss Ruby