The Texas Section Society for Range Management honors former students and faculty with many awards

Published in Grass Roots, September - October 2010

TSSRM Fellow Award - Paul Loeffler

At a young, age Paul Loeffler knew he wanted to work with the land. It all started with a strong ranching background, and he has been active in management and operation of the family ranching and farming enterprises in several locations in Texas ever since. With his focus on the land, this young man graduated high school in Junction, Texas, then pursued a degree in Rangeland Resources Management from Texas A&M University in 1979.

Shortly after graduation, Paul began his Rangeland Management career with the then Soil Conservation Service. He provided technical assistance to landowners in conservation planning and management practice implementation on range and cropland operations. Later, he served as the primary technical staff in conservation planning and implementation of range, wildlife and cropland practices. He was the primary lead in development, implementation and management of cost-share contracts under the Great Plains Conservation Program.

In 1982, Paul took a position with his current employer the Texas General Land Office. He currently coordi- nates a regional field office - responsible for uplands land management section of the Asset Inspections Division. He serves as lead technical staff responsible for range resource evaluation and surface lease administration on 616,000+ acres of Permanent School Fund (PSF) lands. He is responsible for management plan development and implementation on state land properties of significant size, economic base and productivity. He serves as technical staff on special projects including property acquisition and disposition, special use proposals and environmental compliance. He is also responsible for all real property appraisal assignments in the western portion of the state; including PSF lands, Veterans Land Board properties and other state agencies' real property. These agencies often have scattered smaller properties, making individual management difficult, and he has been able to successfully assist these agencies in selling off these scattered properties and purchasing larger contiguous tracts of land. Sev- eral of these actions have had high political visibility/reaction - and he has successfully navigated his way through. His work on property appraisal has led to a variety of contacts from folks looking to lease hunting prop- erties in a variety of West Texas locations. This experience has allowed him to work effectively in the develop- ment and management of flexible grazing leases on the school lands. In addition to traditional livestock grazing leases, he has been able to consider innovative proposals - one currently accepted surface lease use is for an ad- vanced paramilitary training location prior to deployment to Afghanistan.

Paul is the General Land Office's representative on the NRCS State Technical Committee. Being chosen to represent a state agency on rangeland issues is indeed an honor and recognizes his experience with rangelands across the state.

Paul has been a member of the TSSRM since 1976. He has been an SRM Certified Professional in Rangeland Management since March 2001. He has served as the TSSRM Plant ID Contest - Proctor/Grader for 18 years. Served as the TSSRM Advisory Council representative for 4 years and served as Chair-elect and Chair in 2007- 2008. He has additionally been responsible for the Masonic Range Science Scholarship, co-chair 1990 to present, and responsible for collecting candidate packets, selecting judges, distributing review packets, obtaining indi- vidual judges scores, and final tabulation. The scholarship has grown in value and recognition, as there are now inquiries from international students who are looking to attend college in the United States and from colleges far beyond those traditionally thought of as "range" schools.

Paul has served as Texas Section SRM Director, 2nd VP, 1st VP and President. He has served the Youth Range Workshop as Director for 20 years, Youth Activities Committee for 20 years and served on almost all other TSSRM committees over the past 20 years.

Paul has been instrumental in teaching range management at the 4-H Club level for 12 years and at the state level for 20 years at the Texas Youth Range Workshop. Somehow he also finds the time to stop by and assist the High School Youth Forum delegates with their final development of their paper presentations.

Paul has given the Society for Range Management, specifically the Texas Section, countless hours of volun- tary hard work and effort. He has time and time again gone the extra mile to advocate rangeland stewardship and, most importantly, inspire youth to see the value of rangeland resources. He is a true friend and advocate for the Texas Section Society of Range Management. The Texas Section Society for Range Management is proud to an- nounce the 2010 Recipient of the Fellow Award, Paul Loeffler.

Publication Award Winners

Technical Category - Woody Plant Encroachment paradox: Rivers Rebound as Degraded Grasslands Convert to Woodlands by Bradford Wilcox and Yun Huang

Popular Category - Estimating Grazeable Acreage for Cattle by Jason Hohlt, Robert Lyons, C. Wayne Hanselka, and David McKown

Special Category - Brush and Weeds of Texas Rangelands by Charles R. Hart, Barron S. Rector, C. Wayne Hanselka, and Robert K. Lyons, and Allan McGinty

Photo Contest Winner

Best in Show - DAVID TOLEDO "Rainbow" (Landscape category)

Landscape 1st place DAVID TOLEDO "Rainbow"
PhD-RLEM in the department of Ecosystem Science and Management

Award winning photo by David Toledo

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