Dirac Twidwell receives 2011 Tom Slick Fellowship

Dirac Twidwell Congratulations to Dirac Twidwell! He has been selected to receive a Tom Slick Fellowship in 2011. The Tom Slick Fellowship is the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences' most prestigious competitive fellowship. It is awarded to outstanding graduate students to support the completion of their dissertation after they have been admitted to candidacy for the PhD degree.

Dirac's research focuses on theoretical and applied aspects of rangeland restoration. The findings of his dissertation project are broadly applicable to the profitable operation of livestock and wildlife enterprises throughout Texas and the southwestern U.S. Dirac's research covers diverse topics ranging from the resilience and restoration of social-ecological systems to studies designed to ignite, control, and study fires in wildfire-type conditions to the development of new institutional frameworks that link theories of intelligence with undergraduate research and education.

Dirac's background in education has helped him develop a unique program for undergraduate students in the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management to conduct research. Through this program, undergraduate students in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences conduct and report mentored, autonomous research on a topic related to conservation or restoration of agroecosystems. He has supervised many undergraduate students who have conducted research on a variety of topics across three ecoregions of Texas (Gulf Coastal Prairie, Edwards Plateau, and Rolling Plains).