Kreuter Receives Outstanding Achievement Award for Research

Dr. Urs P. Kreuter, College Station, Texas, received the Outstanding Achievement Award for Academia/Research at the 67th Annual Meeting of the Society for Range Management held in Orlando, Florida, February 8–13, 2014. 

The Outstanding Achievement Award is presented by the Society for Range Management for outstanding achievement to members and other qualified individuals and groups working with rangelands.

Dr. Kreuter has been a bastion for rangeland science and management for over two decades.  He is the consummate rangeland professional, seeking to educate the next generation of rangeland managers, developing new knowledge for his peers in academia and natural resources management, and serving his profession generously with his time and talents.

Since 1998, Dr. Kreuter has been on the faculty at Texas A&M University where he offers one of the Department’s capstone undergradaute courses, Ecosystem Management, primarily for renewable natural resources majors.  He also teaches a study abroad course in Southern Africa, which draws students from across the entire University.  At the gradaute level he teaches an eclectic course in Ecological Economics which also has broad appeal.  Dr. Kreuter is truly a vital member in spreading the efforts beyond the “choir” to whom we usually “preach.”  During his time at Texas A&M, he has mentored 47 Masters and Ph.D. students; 21 as major advisor.  Two  of his PhD students received Distinguished Gradaute Awards from the University in 2013.  Dr. Kreuter was recognized in 2013 for his outstanding contribution to the teaching mission of the University by the Association of Former Students with the Distinguished Achievement Award for Teaching at the College Level.

Dr. Kreuter is also a prolific researcher.  His has collaborated with many professional leaders in rangeland science and management, speaking to the value these partners place on his participation in multi-disciplinary research programs.  In the last two decades, Dr. Kreuter has contributed significantly to the art and science of rangeland management.  His efforts in understanding the human dimensions of managing rangelands and integrating them with the economic and ecological components of ecosystems is, and will remain, invaluable to the continued evolution of our profession as it adopts a greater social-ecolocial systems emphasis.  In recognition of the contribution of his research, Dr. Kreuter received the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences Deans Award for Outstanding Achievement-Interdisciplinary Research Team and the Texas Section SRM Technical Publication Award for 2013.

It was with great honor that the Society for Range Management presented Dr. Urs P. Kreuter with a 2014 Outstanding Achievement Award for Research

Dr. Kreuter Outstanding Achievement Award