Outstanding Workshop Instructor Award   Sorin Popescu

The Outstanding Workshop Instructor Award is offered by ASPRS (American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing) in recognition of special, personal, and meritorious contributions to continued organization, promotion, and/or delivery of workshops at the ASPRS Annual and Fall Conferences.

Recipient: Dr. Sorin Popescu is a professor in the ESSM Dept. at Texas A&M University. He has been active in the ASPRS workshop and webinar program since 2004 when he presented his first workshop on lidar and vegetation at the Fall conference. Over the next decade he has given 10 workshops along with numerous webinars. Popescu's presentations are well-attended and well-liked by the attendees. He is an excellent workshop presenter with very good evaluations. 

Sorin Popescu's academic interests focus on the application of remote sensing, in particular, and spatial sciences, in general, in natural resources assessment, monitoring, and management. His research interests include remote sensing applications in natural resources and forest sciences, assessment of forest fuels, forest volume and biomass, land use and land cover change, forest carbon sources and sinks, and global environmental change. He has developed various algorithms and software tools for multisensor data fusion and for processing LIDAR data for estimating forest biophysical parameters, such as stand density, tree height, crown diameter, volume, and biomass.