Plant Identification Team - 2014

The Plant Identification Contests are made up of a list of plants found across North America.  The team members are responsible for learning the scientific name of the plant and the proper spelling of the plant.  The Texas Chapter - The Wildlife Contest also has “wildcard” plants that are not on the list.  The students had to learn over 280 plant species by sight; twigs, roots, stems, flowers and florets (grass flowers).  They may only get to see one of one these parts to identify the plant.  They competed against a total of 32 universities and 180 individuals from across North America.

 Coach: Robert Knight

 Society for Range Management Annual Meeting
Orlando, Florida February 2014

Plant Identification Team, Orlando, Florida February 2014

2nd Place Team
2nd Place Individual – Garrett Friesenhahn

 Team Members:
Phillip Steigerwald, Garrett Friesenhahn, Kaitlin O’Brien, Veronica Urbanczyk, Linda Stapper, Chelsea Blakely

 Combined (URME & Plant Team) Results
6th Place Individual – Kaitlin O’Brien

 Extemporaneous Speaking Contest
Kaitlin O’Brien
Garrett Friesenhahn
Phillip Steigerwald
Veronica Urbanczyk

Texas Chapter - The Wildlife Society Annual Meeting
Austin, TX - February 2014

Plant Identification Team, Austin, TX - February 2014

 1st Place Team
1st IND – Linda Stapper; 2nd IND. – Kaitlin O’Brien; 3rd IND – Garrett Friesenhahn

 Team Members:
Garrett Friesenhahn , Kaitlin O’Brien, Linda Stapper, Phillip Steigerwald, Veronica Urbanczyk