Society for Range Management 2015 Annual Conference Honors International Range Community; University & High School Students 

Sacramento, CA
February 1-6, 2015

February 27, 2015 (SRM) - The Society for Range Management (SRM) recently concluded its 68th Annual Conference in Sacramento, California, January 31-February 6.  The annual conference, while serving as a forum for technical trainings, workshops and symposia, also provides the opportunity to recognize those displaying excellence in the field of range management and to highlight the next generation of rangeland managers.

As a reflection of the Society's own diverse makeup, the list of awardees and honorees at this year's conference spanned both the globe and range of expertise within the rangeland management discipline. Honorees nominated during the past year for their excellence in range science and rangeland stewardship, and students achieving highest honors in contests and exams held during the conference were both recognized during this year's award ceremony.

SRM is pleased to announce and congratulate the 2015 Honor Award recipients and the university and high school students who excelled in this year's competitions and exams

 The Texas A&M Plant Identification Team placed 2nd   Kaitlin O’Brien was the 2nd place individual. Linda Stapper placed 5th. Other members of the team included Veronica Urbanczyk, Chelsea Blakely, Marlo Lamb, Georgia Hansen, Lexie Brooks, Amanda Lightsey and Karl Woelfel. The team was coached by Bob Knight

Texas A&M Plant Identification Team

Front row - Veronica Urbanczyk, Linda Stapper, Kaitlin O’Brien and Chelsea Blakely

Back row – Georgia Hansen, Amanda Lightsey, Karl Woelfel, Marlo Lamb, Lexie Brooks and Bob Knight (coach)

The Undergraduate Range Management Exam (URME) team members of the team were Linda Stapper, Kaitlin O’Brien, Veronica Urbanczyk, Chelsea Blakely, Marlo Lamb, Georgia Hansen, Lexie Brooks, Amanda Lightsey and Karl Woelfel. Team was coached by Mort Kothmann.

Veronica Urbanczyk was elected president of the SRM Student Conclave. The Student Conclave represents the SRM undergraduate student members.

Texas A&M Plant Identification Team

Photo: Veronica Urbanczyk is on the left with the other Student Conclave officers.

Kaitlin O’Brien participated in the Extemporaneous Speaking Contest.

Dr. Urs Kreuter was presented the Outstanding Undergraduate Teacher Award by the Range Science Education Council

W.R. Chapline Land Stewards Award:  Dr. Charles A. "Butch" Taylor, Jr.

SRM 2015 President Pat Shaver commented on this year's honorees and competitors, "On behalf of the Society, I congratulate and commend this year's honorees and award recipients.  The individuals honored in Sacramento represent the myriad of expertise and diversity within SRM.  I am confident that our honorees will continue to pursue, expand upon and share their research within the rangeland management field and serve as leaders in our community for years to come. 

 "The students and Universities receiving awards this year, and those who participated in all of the contests and exams, represent the next generation of SRM leaders.  In an effort to acknowledge and highlight the young leaders within the Society, Sacramento served as host to the inaugural "SRM Class of 2015".  Thanks to the support from Dow AgroSciences, SRM recognized all of the University-level graduating seniors with a one-year membership to SRM and a token of appreciation. The Society's future looks bright in the capable hands of these young rangeland professionals and I look forward to watching them expand their knowledge and expertise in the field."

 For more information regarding the full slate of awards and honors as presented in Sacramento, California, please visit For photo inquiries, please contact Vicky Trujillo at or 303-986-3309. 

Dr. Rober Knight report