Mushinski Receives First Place for Presentation at Soil Science Workshop


Ryan Mushinski, a Ph.D. student in ESSM, received First Place for his oral presentation at the 53rd Annual Soil Survey and Land Resource Workshop held at TAMU on February 4-5, 2016.  The title of his presentation was “Decade-Scale Changes in Forest Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Storage are Influenced by Organic Matter Removal Associated with Timber Harvest in the Western Gulf-Coastal Plain.”  Co-authors on the presentation were Dr. Tom Boutton from ESSM, and Dr. Andy Scott from the US Forest Service.  The annual Soil Survey and Land Resource Workshop addresses a broad spectrum of soil science topics ranging from soil classification and characterization to the effects of land cover/land use changes on soil properties and processes.  This regional meeting attracts soil science professionals from throughout the southern USA who are associated with state and federal agencies, industry, and academia.