Successful Year at the Annual SRM in Corpus Christi, Texas

We are proud to announce it has been another successful year at the National SRM meeting in Corpus Christi, Texas this week.  We had a number of faculty and students receive awards for their participation in various activities.  We would like to congratulate everyone who attended, presented, and participated in SRM this year.  Below are a list of awards and the highlights of those who participated this year.


Ecosystem Science and Management,Texas A&M University was presented Collegiate Trial Boss Award.

Dr. Stephan L. Hatch was awarded the Sustained Lifetime Achievement award. (pictured below)

Stephan Hatch

Range Plant Identification Contest was administered by and awards presented from Dr. Stephan L. Hatch.  Linda Stapper  won 1st place in the Individual Range Plant Identification and the TAMU team won 2nd place overall. Pictured with the team is Dr. Bob Knight their coach. 

Left to Right:  Georgia Hansen, Marlo Lamb, Veronica Urbanczyk, Dr. Bob Knight, Linda Stapper, Amanda Lightsey, Lexie Brooks

Range Plant Identification team


Dr. David Briske was recognized with the Meritorious Service Award for eight years of service as the Editor of the journal of Rangeland Ecology and Management. (pictured below)

David Briske

Dr. Mort Kothmann was presented with the Undergraduate Teaching Award.



Dr. Mort Kothmann facilitated a workshop (Evaluating 454 job series), chaired accreditation
committee, represented ESSM on Range Science Education Council.
Dr. Barron Rector gave the High School Youth Forum Introduction.
Introduction of 2015 student conclave officers was given by Veronica Urbanczyk, 2015 President.

Faculty Presentations: Dr. Briske (Conceptual Advances That Have Transformed The Rangeland Profession During The Past 25 Years), Dr. Rogers (Hercules and the Hydra Hypothesis: Is Rangeland Restoration More Effective When Combined with Fire?), Dr. Wilcox (Rangeland Ecohydrology: Advances and Management Implications)

Graduate Students who participated in SRM: Weiqian Gao, Kelly Hoffman, Phillip Steigerwald, Adrienne Strubb, Yong Zhou

Undergraduate Students who participated in SRM: Plant ID Team (Linda Stapper, Amanda Lightsey, Veronica Urbanczyk, Georgia Hansen, Marlo Lamb, Lexie Brooks), Michael Bartmess

We look forward to hearing the results from the Graduate and Undergraduate Papers and Posters Competition.


The Department of Ecosystem Science and Management also had a strong presence of former faculty and students at the meeting.  Most notable were contributions from the following:

Charlie Hart (Former Faculty) presented the Sustained Lifetime Achievement, the Outstanding Young Range Professional, Outstanding Achievement (Research & Stewardship), SRM Fellow, as well as concluded the Honors Ceremony with closing comments.

Justin Derner (Former Student) administered and presented awards for Undergraduate Range Management Exam (URME).

Dr. Rogers “Jake” Landers, Jr (Former Student) was awarded Sustained Lifetime Achievement.

Paul Loeffler (Former Student) presented the Masonic Range Scholarship.

Dr. David Toledo (Former Student) and Dr. Dirac Twidwell (Former Student) were awarded the Outstanding Young Range Professional.

Dr. G. Allen Rasmussen (Former Student) was awarded the SRM Fellow.

Jenny Pluhar (Former Student) presented the Chapline Land Stewardship.

The department of Ecosystem Science and Management sponsored two symposiums during the 69th Annual SRM meeting in Corpus Christi, Texas.  The first symposium was on Monday, February 1 the second on Wednesday, Feb 3, 2016. Dr. Kavanagh hosted a luncheon before the first seminar at the American Bank Center for all the symposium speakers, producers, and invited guest.

 Making Cents of the Science SRM GLC Committee Symposium

Speakers for the symposium from the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management

Can We Slow Brush Encroachment in the Southern Great Plains? Causes and Possible Solutions
James Ansley
Fire Ecology and Brush Management
James Ansley
Scientifically Sound and Successful Grazing Strategies – Forget Grazing “Systems”
Tim J. Steffens
Plant Height and Other Factors Influencing Broadcast Herbicide Huisache Control
Robert K. Lyons 
Understanding Fire Effects: Above and Belowground Perspectives
Morgan Russell
Adaptive Grazing Strategies: Points of Consensus; Points of Contention; Points to Achieve?
Tim J. Steffens
Understanding Fire Effects:Above and Belowground Perspectives
Morgan Russell
Prescribed Fire: Friend or Foe?
Urs Kreuter


Dr. Katy Kavanagh, department head hosted the alumni party at the Omni Hotel, Corpus Christi. Around 70 people enjoyed the great food, live music, and lots of Remember When stories. 


FORMER DEPARTMENT HEADS ENJOY THE TRADE SHOW !!  Dr. Joe Schuster and Dr. Steve Whisenant

Left to right Dr. and Mrs. Joe Schuster, Judith Turlington, Phillip Steigerwald, Dr. Steve Whisenant, and Dr. Humberto Perotto-Baldivieso

Reception during the trade show