Three ESSM graduate students honored at annual awards reception

The department recognized three ESSM graduate students for their accomplishments at the annual departmental awards reception on April 8. Master’s student Maegan Fitzgerald and doctoral student Kyle Clifton received the 2015-2016 Outstanding ESSM Graduate Student awards for their academic performance and contributions to their field and to the department. Master’s student Phillip Steigerwald received the 2015-2016 Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant award for his exceptional work as a teaching assistant in several classes.

ESSM Graduate program information contact: Sara Eliason

Dr.Tom Boutton and Maegan A. Fitzgerald

 Maegan A. Fitzgerald and Dr. Robert Coulson

 Dr. Tom Boutton and Phillip S. Steigerwald

  Phillip S. Steigerwald and Dr. Mort Kothmann