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  • Rangeland Job Fair

    In order to better match job opportunities with job seekers, SRM announces its annual RANGELAND JOB FAIR will be located at the Nugget Hotel (Sparks, Nevada) in the Central Pacific Rooms (B-C) from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm on January 28, 2018 (Sunday).  This will be an outstanding opportunity for job seekers to talk with recruiters about positions that are available within a variety of organizations.  Recruiters from a large variety of organizations (Federal Government, private) and Universities (graduate student recruitment) have attended past job fairs and have recruited for both permanent and seasonal positions. 

    The mission of the 2018 RANGELAND JOB FAIR is to match prospective employers from the Federal Agencies, State and Provincial Governments, Private Industry, Academia, and Conservation Organizations with the high caliber of educated and enthusiastic prospects from SRM.  Attendance at the annual meetings this year is expected to be over 1500 people. Approximately 25 percent of attendees will be students and young professionals.

    The percentage of federal workers that will be eligible to retire by 2020 is projected to be as high as 30%.  The demand for students and young professionals with majors in Range Science and other related disciplines remains high.  Several federal agencies (USFS, BLM and NRCS) have successfully filled entry level positions at SRM Annual Job Fairs in the past through On-the-Spot Hiring and the Pathways program.  In addition, private entities and Universities have successfully filled positions in the past.

    The demand for students and young professionals with majors in range science and management and related disciplines remains high; however, the supply of graduating students in these fields appears to be decreasing. The Society for Range Management (SRM) is concerned in meeting the resource management workforce and objectives.  The SRM is addressing resource management workforce challenges by providing avenues such as the annual Job Fair.

    Student Preparation is essential for a successful first impression when meeting with a recruiter.  A student’s job application packet should include a cover letter, resumé, college transcript, military record (if applicable), and letter of recommendation(s) as minimal documentation prior to arriving at the Job Fair. 

    If you have any questions feel free to contact Dan Fletcher (2018 SRM Job Fair Coordinator) at 435-865-3049 or 435-590-4834.

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