Ecology and Natural Resources Teaching Area (Range Area)

1183 Fishtank Rd. College Station, TX 77845 - Map

The Ecology and Natural Resource Teaching Area, commonly called the Range Area, administered by the Department Ecosystem Science and Management, is located west and south of Easterwood Airport  and Brayton Fire Training  Field.  Since 1946, it has provided a unique outdoor facility for teaching, research, and extension in natural resources.  Its location near campus makes Texas A&M University unique in providing a natural ecological setting for classes and other outdoor activities.

The Range Area consists of 180 acres of woods and grasslands which includes a Field Lab and teaching pavilion.  The Field Lab facilities have a classroom, dry lab, maintenance shop, forage drying area, and storage area.  This area over the years has been utilized by more than 20 departments, state agencies, and public institutions and programs.

Ecology And Natural Resources Teaching Area

Range Area Ponds
Range Area Ponds