Make a gift

The Ecosystem depends on our students of today and our scientists of tomorrow. Their future is also your future. We invite you former students, family and friends to discover ways to help the Ecosystem Science and Management Department to achieve our goals and visions for our students.

Please become involved by staying in touch and also making an investment in the future of students who will be doing research and solving problems and managing our ecosystems.

Your gift can help insure we have the resources to recruit the best students and educators.

Come join an impressive list of former students, family and friends who made the choice to make life better.

Endowed Undergraduate Scholarship
With a decline of state support, a scholarship provides much-needed funds to students. Scholarships may be designated for specific interest of the donor.
Endowed Graduate Scholarship
Top quality graduate students are critical to the departments recruiting, and our global research.
Faculty Fellowship
This gift allows the department to recognize faculty members for their distinguished work. We must continue to improve our faculty to attract top students. You may wish to restrict your gift to a specific area of the department.
  • Chair
  • Professor
  • Faculty Fellow
Chair and Professorship are the highest honors bestowed on faculty.
Rooms and Laboratories
Available for naming. Gift amount depends on the size and the use of the facility.
One-time gift of cash
Such as equipment, computer hardware or software, patents, other intellectual property. Gifts of real estate, principal or vacation residence, farm, timberland, commercial property. Just a few ideas of the many ways to give your support.