Trees For Houston Internship

Application Deadline:Apr. 1, 2017
Agency:Trees For Houston
Location:Houston, TX


Trees For Houston seeks a Project Coordinator for summer 2017 to help manage conservation projects, plan and implement projects for our horticulture center, maintain existing projects, and create our 2017-2018 planting plan. The intern will also help expand Trees For Houston’s development reach and program, social media campaigns, coordinate volunteer projects and participate in community outreach events. The Project Coordinator will be working closely with the Trees For Houston staff to ensure the intern is fully immersed in the day-to-day responsibilities of a small non-profit organization.


About Trees For Houston

Founded in 1983, Trees For Houston initially focused its early efforts on planting street trees in the heart of Houston. Now celebrating our 33rd  year with over 500,000 trees planted, our organization has evolved into one that grows, plants and maintains thousands of trees across the greater Houston region. During the 2016-2017 planting season, 10,000 trees have been planted along Houston’s residential and commercial streets, in parks, along bayous and trails and on school campuses. Also, to support the extended organizational vision while bringing the cost point of each tree down to a level where a sustained program of free or low-cost trees can be provide in large quantities, we have expanded the Trees For Houston nursery program to include six farms. We currently have 20,000 trees of various species and sizes growing at these farms.

Our purpose also includes bringing individuals into close, personal contact with urban forestry through volunteer projects, elementary and adult education programs, community presentations, and the creation of tribute groves that allow a person to honor or memorialize someone who has been important in their life.

These programs are implemented with the help of corporate volunteers, civic associations, college students, young professionals, and all others who want to leave a legacy for future generations. Once the trees are planted, we ensure they have a strong start by watering them for two years, and then work with the businesses, property owners and public sector organizations on policies and practices to not only protect the trees we have, but to continually replenish our urban forest.

Over the years our organizational purpose has expanded from simply getting trees in the ground to planting and growing trees that will improve our regional air quality, reduce the urban heat island effect associated with ever increasing urbanization, slow storm water runoff, and mitigate the stress of our daily lives, while continuing to beautify our major thoroughfares.

As Trees For Houston enters our fourth decade of tree planting, we look forward to continuing our leadership in enhancing our natural infrastructure. We will preserve and replenish our urban forest canopy for a healthy and more beautiful city.



The Project Coordinator will:

  • Coordinate logistics for our 2017-2018 planting season including scouting sites, selection of species, preparing planting maps, taking photos and entering information into our planting database
  • Implement inventory system for trees at our farms for upcoming projects. Facilitate logistical including management of volunteer projects
  • Work closely with Trees For Houston staff to manage ongoing construction projects for our nursery/ horticultural center
  • Create our 2017-2018 Trees For Schools planting plan, and work with our Education Director to expand our current outreach program to middle and high school students
  • Manage and expand social media campaign to directly target and educate regarding need for conservation and reforestation efforts, including creating Tree ID database on website and social media
  • Coordinate and lead a minimum of two volunteer projects and/or events during internship
  • Maintain existing tree planting projects by learning forestry techniques and photograph planting sites when needed
  • Participate in maintenance projects, community outreach events and presentations given during intern period
  • Research foundations and corporate giving programs for Houston’s green-minded companies; draft letters of inquiry and full grant proposals when appropriate

Past interns have gone on to full-time non-profit positions, forestry management positions and other environmentally conscious full-time positions.

  • Must be a currently enrolled, full time undergraduate
  • Must be returning to school in the fall of 2017 as a full-time sophomore, junior or senior
  • Must not be related to Shell employee
  • Must not be related to any employee or board member of Trees For Houston
  • Ability to multitask and have exceptional time management skills
  • Interest and commitment in improving our environmental community
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Willingness to lead and facilitate a group project
  • Must be positive, professional and team-oriented
  • Must be comfortable working outside
  • Is able to lift 40+ pounds

To be eligible for the Shell Nonprofit Internship Program, the applicant MUST be a full time, currently enrolled, UNDERGRADUATE student that will be returning to school in the fall of 2017 as a full time sophomore, junior or senior.

The applicant must have transportation to and from our Houston based office and living arrangements for the duration of the internship.


Please send a cover letter and resume to Carolina Velásquez, at