Spring 2011 Seminar Series

Understanding the Anthropocene through its signatures in ecosystem processes and linked human activities

Tuesdays 4:00 - 5:00 PM, Civil Engineering (CE) Room 118
Refreshments served at 3:30

Date Invited Speaker Seminar Title
January 25 Thomas Boutton
Texas A&M University
Grassland/woodland transitions in subtropical North America: Implications for biogeochemical cycles
February 1 Jed Sparks
Cornell University
Surface Biogeochemistry of aridlands: implications of global change
February 22 Gabriel Bowen
Purdue University
Gradients, boundaries, and anomalies: Mapping sources and transport of water in the Earth system using stable isotopes
March 1 Jay Banner
University of Texas
Climate change impacts on Texas water: Past, present and future
March 8 Susan Schwinning
Texas State University
The ecohydrology of roots in rocks
March 22 William Hockaday
Baylor University
Studying the effects of atmospheric CO2 concentrations on the carbon cycle using ecosystem biochemical inventories
March 29 Charles Lafon
Texas A&M University
Fire history and vegetation changes in the Appalachian Mountains from pre-settlement to present
April 5 Astrid Volder
Texas A&M University
Management options for adaptation to climate change and urbanization - studies on pasture grass, pavement and green roofs
April 12 Richard Mack
Washington State University
Dyksterhuis Invited Speaker
INVASION! Immigration and spread of Bromus tectorum genotypes across North America
April 19 Jason Vogel
Texas A&M University
Ecological insights gained from studying intensively managed southern pine forests
April 26 Caroline Masiello
Rice University
Ecosystem oxidative ratio measurements and implications
May 3 Gretchen Miller
Texas A&M University
Ecosystems and sustainable groundwater development