ESSM graduate student Ricardo Colón-Rivera's research highlighted in Oceanography magazine

ESSM graduate student Ricardo Colón-Rivera's research in Puerto Rico's Humacao Natural Reserve (HNR) was highlighted in the December 2011 issue of Oceanography magazine. One aspect of this work is to understand a recent phenomenon in one of HNR's lagoons and something that is rare throughout the world: the presence of bioluminescent dinoflagellates. When disturbed by any motion, these tiny organisms produce a glow in the water that is especially visible on dark nights. Dinoflagellates entered the HNR lagoon through a new channel that connects the lagoon with the Caribbean. Colón-Rivera, along with Carlos Zayas-Santiago of the University of Puerto Rico at Humacao and ESSM's Dr. Rusty Feagin, is working to understand the connection between the lagoon's altered salinity and the presence of the bioluminescent dinoflagellate.

Read the full article, "Whirling Fire in the Sea: New Bioluminescent Bay Discovered in Puerto Rico," part of the "Ripple Marks" section of the magazine.

Ricardo Colón-Rivera: Research highlighted in Oceanography magazine