Name Change for Graduate Degrees

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board recently approved our request to change the name of our graduate degrees to Ecosystem Science and Management. This change will be effective August 1, 2013, and will apply to our M.Ag, M.S. non-thesis, M.S. thesis, and Ph.D. degrees. The Masters of Natural Resource Development degree (MNRD) title will remain unchanged.

At present, our only graduate degree offering is in Rangeland Ecology and Management. However, that degree name does not reflect the current diversity of subject matter addressed by our graduate students and faculty. Our students and faculty are now working not only in rangelands, but also in forestlands, coastal areas, wetlands, urban ecosystems, arctic tundra, and other major ecosystem types around the world. Therefore, the degree name change was much needed to better represent the breadth of our programs, and will help send a more consistent and appealing message to potential graduate students who are considering our department for their advanced studies.

If you have any questions about the degree name change, please contact:

Dr. Tom Boutton, Associate Department Head for Graduate Programs, e-mail:, phone: 979.845.8027

Sara Eliason, Graduate Programs Assistant, e-mail:, phone: 979.862.6470