Utah State University Press Announces New Collection on Faculty Writing Support 

Utah State University Press announces the publication of Working with Faculty Writers, a collection of sixteen chapters that highlight current approaches to supporting faculty and graduate student writers.

 Georgianne Moore, PhD in the department of Ecosystem Science and Management co-author one of the chapters with a TAMU faculty writing group.  Dr. Moore has been a member of the TAMU faculty writing group since its inception.

 Working with Faculty Writers is edited by Anne Ellen Geller, St. John’s University, and Michele Eodice, University of Oklahoma. The foreword, by renowned researcher Bob Boice, invites institutions to offer expert and specialized coaching to faculty writers. Wendy Belcher, author of Writing Your Journal Article in 12 Weeks, remarks the book is “useful to scholars interested in producing more and better publications.”

 The imperative to write and to publish is a relatively new development in the history of academia, yet it is now a significant factor in the culture of higher education. Working with Faculty Writers takes a broad view of faculty writing support, advocating its value for tenure-track professors, adjuncts, senior scholars, and graduate students. The authors in the volume imagine productive campus writing support for faculty and future faculty that allows for new insights about their own disciplinary writing and writing processes, as well as the development of fresh ideas about student writing.

 Contributors from a variety of institution types and perspectives consider who faculty writers are and who they may be in the future, reveal the range of locations and models of support for faculty writers, explore the ways these might be delivered and assessed, and consider the theoretical, philosophical, political, and pedagogical approaches to faculty writing support.


The book is now available on Amazon.com.