2014 Youth Range Workshop

The weeklong Youth Range Workshop, sponsored by the Texas Section Society for Range Management, was held in Junction to provide Texas youth with an opportunity for training in range and natural resource management, stewardship and leadership. According to Dr. Barron Rector ‘83 and Hoyt Seidensticker ‘91, Workshop Co-Coordinators, youth participants learned about the principles of ecology, ecosystem level management, range and watershed management, gained an understanding of the plant-soil-water relationship and land management planning. Dr. Robert Knight ’80 conducted hands-on activities in plant identification and collection and a session on plant-soil-water relationships. Field trips for training went to Mason and Menard County (Jake Landers, ESSM Extension Range Specialist Emeritus) ranches where Paul Loeffler ‘79 conducted brush management demonstrations. At the Kerr Wildlife Management Area, Knight and Rector conducted hydrology demonstrations on evapotranspiration, interception and vegetation influences with the help of Joe Franklin ‘87, NRCS Zone Range Management Specialist. Jenny Pluhar ‘84 represented the International Society for Range management as president, and Lee Knox ’96 lead a reseeding project and range planning project.

This was the 60th consecutive year for this educational program conducted for Texas youth. The Workshop began in 1955 and has provided training and benefited more than 2000 Texas youth.

Dr. Barron Rector 
Dr. Barron Rector recognizing the owners of the Blue Mt. and Blue Mountain Peak ranches for hosting the YRW tour of their operations.

Joe Franklin 
Joe Franklin ‘87, NRCS Zone Range Management Specialist demonstrating plant-soil-water interrelationships to the YRW students.

Dr. Robert Knight 
Dr. Robert Knight presenting Paloma Garcia-Zuazua one of the outstanding plant collection awards.