Kathryn Clifton selected to represent Texas A&M University 

Kathryn Clifton a recent recipient of a doctoral degree in Ecosystem Science and Management was selected to represent Texas A & M University in the Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Internship at the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations this past spring semester.  She worked in the Animal Production and Health Division where she cataloged pastoral groups and documented transhumant routes.  This is needed to better determine the relationship between animal disease spread and transhumance and to assist in improved targeting of pastoral services.  She also helped edit concept notes and look at donor funding opportunities for the deployment of tech tools developed by the FOA Global Livestock Early Warning Systems Team.  Further concept notes will be developed with the UN to continue this work with Kathryn.   

 This is the second semester that Texas A & M has held an internship program at the FAO.  It was an excellent opportunity to observe how diplomacy works in the world of Animal Production and Health.  Each semester, a qualified student will have the opportunity to intern with the Animal Production and Health Division of the FAO from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.  For more information please visit http://agintern.tamu.edu/rome-internship/.

Congratulations to Dr. Kathryn Clifton !!!