Department Head News ESSM 

It feels like things are moving at warp speed.  Grant deadlines, grand challenges, department retreat, graduation and the grade reports, plans for next semester, summer abroad and annual reviews.  Thanks to all for making each of these flow smoothly.  It was great to see the participation in the retreat to get our review program going. The summary should be out next week when Mort Kothmann returns and gets a chance to review with our facilitator.  I was really pleased to hear the investment in the vision of moving the department forward. 

I will be very engaged in getting through the annual review process by May 23.  The next week I will be with CSSA board in Madison, WI and the following week I will be in Branson.  Thanks to all for the special effort to meet the review deadlines.  It is exciting to see the energy our faculty has for making a difference in so many unique areas.  The productivity of the team is very positive. Congratulations to the many recent grant recipients. 

Congratulations to our May graduates – 24 BS, 2 MNRD, 4 MS and 3 PhD.  It is always the highlight of the year to see the transformation that has taken place in the educational process.  It seems that we have a fantastic set of students each year.  The department seems to be growing in competitive capacity. 

Congratulations to all of our recent award recipients.  It is amazing to see so much recognition of our faculty and students. 

A special thanks to our staff, they have really gone all out as we have had more transition to make sure that everything has gotten done. 

During the review process many have suggested that we aspire to be the best ESSM department in the nation.  I think you are!  Keep up the great work wherever it takes you this summer.