Welcome Ecosystem Science and Management New Graduate Students

Chase Brooke, M.S. student with Dr. Michelle Lawing

Bobby Burke, MNRD student with Dr. Bob Knight

Annie Christian-Reuter, MNRD-distance student with Dr. Forrest Fleischman

Rachael Glazner, Ph.D. student with Dr. Anna Armitage

Kelly Hoffman, MNRD student with Dr. Urs Kreuter

Ingrid Karklins, MNRD-distance student with Dr. Steve Whisenant

Paul Klockow, Ph.D. student with Dr. Jason Vogel

Jarrett Louder, MNRD-distance student with Dr. Bob Knight

Marco Minor, M.S. student with Dr. Jason Vogel

Lana Narine, Ph.D. student with Dr. Sorin Popescu

Eric Putman, M.S. student with Dr. Sorin Popescu

Trevor Reed, M.S. student with Dr. Jason Vogel

Rachel Roenfeldt, Ph.D. student with Dr. Jason West

Lindsay Sansom. Ph.D. student with Dr. Forrest Fleischman

Sintayehu Teshome, M.S. student with Dr. Jay Angerer