Contact Information Specialization
Angerer, Jay Dr. Jay Angerer
Assistant Professor
(254) 774-6053
Agroecological modeling
Ansley, James Dr. James Ansley
(940) 552-9941
Rangeland ecology, woody plant management
Appel, David Dr. David Appel
Collaborating Faculty
(979) 845-8273
Tree disease biology, epidemiology and control
Armitage, Anna Dr. Anna Armitage
Associate Professor
(409) 740-4842
Coastal and wetlands ecology
Boutton, Thomas Dr. Thomas W. Boutton
Regents Professor and Texas A&M AgriLife Senior Faculty Fellow, Associate Department Head for Graduate Programs
(979) 845-8027
Biogeochemistry, soil ecology
Briske, David Dr. David D. Briske
(979) 845-5581
Rangeland ecology
Byram, Tom Dr. Tom Byram
Assistant Professor & Texas Forest Service
(979) 845-2556
Forest genetics
Casola, Claudio Dr. Claudio Casola
Assistant Professor of Forest Genomics
Molecular evolution, population genetics
Clayton, Megan Dr. Megan Clayton
Assistant Professor and Extension Range Specialist
361-265-9203 ext. 226
Blended wildlife habitat and livestock range management
Conner, Richard Dr. J. Richard Conner
(979) 845-7456
Management, range resource and ecological economics
Coulson, Robert Dr. Robert Coulson
Collaborating Faculty, Department of Entomology
(979) 845-9725
Landscape ecology
Doan-Crider, Diana Dr. Diana Doan-Crider
(830) 324-6550
Landscape ecology, wildlife interactions with humans
Eriksson, Marian Dr. Marian Eriksson
Associate Professor
(979) 845-6638
Statistics, forest biometrics
Feagin, Russell Dr. Rusty Feagin
Associate Professor
(979) 862-2612
Coastal ecology, spatial analysis
Fleischman, Forrest D. Dr. Forrest D. Fleischman
Assistant Professor
Environmental Policy, Politics, and Administration
Fox, Bill Dr. William "Bill" E. Fox III
Assistant Professor - Research
(254) 774-6034 or (979) 777-3730
Rangeland restoration, ecology
Gan, Jianbang Dr. Jianbang Gan
(979) 862-4392
Forest management and economics
Hamilton, Wayne Wayne Hamilton
Senior Lecturer
(979) 845-5589
Brush control and ranch management
Hatch, Stephan Dr. Stephan L. Hatch
(979) 845-4328
Plant biosystematics
Kavanagh Kathleen Dr. Kathleen Kavanagh
Professor and Department Head
Forest Ecology
Knight, Robert Dr. Robert Knight
Associate Professor
(979) 845-5557
Watershed management
Kothmann, Mort Dr. M. Mort Kothmann
Professor & Associate Department Head for Undergraduate Programs
(979) 845-5575
Range management systems
Kreuter, Urs Dr. Urs Kreuter
(979) 845-5583
Human dimensions and socio-economics of rangeland
Lawing, Michelle Dr. Michelle Lawing
Assistant Professor
Climate change biology, paleobiogeography, morphometrics
Loopstra, Carol Dr. Carol A. Loopstra
Associate Professor
(979) 862-2200
Molecular biology
Lyons, Robert Dr. Robert K. Lyons
Interim Associate Department Head / Professor and Extension Range Specialist
(830) 278-9151 ext. 226
Integrated brush control
McDonald, Alyson Dr. Alyson McDonald
Assistant Professor & Extension Range Specialist
(432) 336-8585
Rangeland hydrology
Mohanty, Binayak Dr. Binayak Mohanty
(979) 458-4421
Vadose zone hydrology
Moore, Georgianne Dr. Georgianne W. Moore
Associate Professor
(979) 845-3765
Pinchak, William Dr. William E. Pinchak
(940) 552-9941
Range animal nutrition
Popescu, Sorin Dr. Sorin C. Popescu
Associate Professor
(979) 862-2614
Remote sensing
Rector, Barron Dr. Barron Rector
Associate Professor & Extension Range Specialist
(979) 845-2755
Range ecology, poisonous plant mangement
Rogers, William Dr. William E. Rogers
(979) 845-0317
Ecological restoration, invasive species
Russell, Morgan Dr. Morgan Russell
Assistant Professor and Extension Range Specialist
325-653-4576 X 217
Prescribed burning, livestock grazing management, and population plant ecology
Shaw, Robert Dr. Robert B. Shaw
(979) 845-8642
Agrostology, resource management
Smeins, Fred Dr. Fred E. Smeins
(979) 845-5573
Plant and range ecology
Srinivasan, Raghavan Dr. Raghavan "Srini" Srinivasan
(979) 845-5069
Hydrology, water quality and spatial sciences modeling
Steffens, Tim Dr. Tim Steffens
Assistant Professor and AgriLife Extension Specialist
Rangeland Resource Management
Taylor, Charles Dr. Charles "Butch" A. Taylor
Professor - Research
(325) 387-3168
Grazing management, fire ecology
Taylor, Eric Dr. Eric L. Taylor
Silviculturist III
(903) 834-6191
Teague, Richard Dr. Richard Teague
Professor & Associate Resident Director - Research
(940) 552-9941 ext 235
Sustainable management, ecological restoration, ecological economics modeling
Vogel, Jason Dr. Jason Vogel
Assistant Professor
(979) 845-5580
Forest ecosystem science
Walker, John Dr. John W. Walker
Professor - Research
(325) 653-4576
Foraging ecology, grazing management
West, Jason Dr. Jason West
Associate Professor
(979) 845-3772
Ecosystem ecology
Whisenant, Steven Dr. Steven G. Whisenant
Ecological restoration, International Development
Wilcox, Bradford Dr. Bradford Wilcox
(979) 458-1899
Wu, Ben Dr. X. Ben Wu
(979) 845-7334
Landscape ecology, ecology education
Adjunct Faculty
Dr. Sumanta Bagchi
Adjunct Faculty
Bovey, Rodney Dr. Rodney W. Bovey
Adjunct Professor
Chemical control of woody plants
Duke, Sara Dr. Sara Duke
South Plains Area Statistician - USDA
(979) 260-9320
Statistician, plant ecophysiologist
Echt, Craig Dr. Craig Echt
Research Plant Molecular Geneticist
(228) 832-2747 X 210
Microsatellite marker development, genome mapping
Faridi, Nurul Dr. Nurul Faridi
Collaborating Faculty, USDA Forest Service
(979) 862-3908
Tree cytogenetics
Krutovsky, Konstantin Dr. Konstantin "Kostya" V. Krutovsky
+49-(551)-39-35-37 (off.)
Forest genomics, population genetics, conservation genetics
Nelson, Dana Dr. Dana Nelson
Research Geneticist & Project Leader. U.S. Forest Service
(228) 832.2747 ext. 201
Research geneticist
Dr. Ross Nelson
Adjunct Faculty, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
(301) 614-6632
Perotto-Baldivieso, Humberto Dr. Humberto L. Perotto-Baldivieso
Landscape ecology, spatial analysis, remote sensing, GIS
Simmons, Mark Dr. Mark Simmons
Research Scientist, UT Austin, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
(512) 232-0125
Theodori, Gene L. Gene L. Theodori
Professor and Chair of Sociology, Sam Houston State University
(936) 294-4143
Community development, energy policy, rural sociology, sociology of natural resources and the Environment
Tjoelker, Mark Dr. Mark G. Tjoelker
+61 2 4570 1618 Australia
Forest ecology
Wagner, Matthew W. Dr. Matthew Wagner
Deputy Director, Wildlife Division
Wildlife management and policy
Watson, Todd Dr. W. Todd Watson
Adjunct Professor
(979) 218-0783
Urban forestry
Washington-Allen, Robert Dr. Robert A. Washington-Allen
Environmental modeling and assessment
Loh, Douglas Dr. Douglas K. Loh
Information technology and geographic information systems (GIS)
Emeritus Faculty
Baker, Robert Dr. Robert Baker
Professor Emeritus
(979) 845-5000
Forest management
Bonnicksen, Thomas Dr. Thomas Bonnicksen
Professor Emeritus of Forest Science
Forest ecology, restoration environmental decision making
Dr. Diana Burton
Associate Professor Emeritus
Gould, Jean Howe Dr. Jean Howe Gould
Associate Professor Emeritus
Hanselka, Wayne Dr. C. Wayne Hanselka
Professor and Extension Specialist Emeritus
(361) 241-1641 home phone
Total range resource management
McGinty, Allan Dr. W. Allan McGinty
Professor and Extension Specialist Emeritus
(325) 653-4576
Rangeland management
Schuster, Joseph Dr. Joseph L. Schuster
Emeritus Professor of Range Management, Former Department Head, Rangeland Ecology and Management
Range management
Soltes, Ed Dr. Ed Soltes
Professor Emeritus
Forest science
Van Buijtenen, Hans Dr. Hans Van Buijtenen
Professor Emeritus