Adjunct Faculty

Contact Information Specialization
Ansley, James Dr. James Ansley
Rangeland ecology, woody plant management
Dr. Sumanta Bagchi
Adjunct Faculty
Bovey, Rodney Dr. Rodney W. Bovey
Adjunct Professor
Chemical control of woody plants
Doan-Crider, Diana Dr. Diana Doan-Crider
Adjunct Faculty
Landscape ecology (fire and wildlife), wildlife interactions with humans, and place/culture adapted education
Duke, Sara Dr. Sara Duke
South Plains Area Statistician - USDA
(979) 260-9320
Statistician, plant ecophysiologist
Echt, Craig Dr. Craig Echt
Research Plant Molecular Geneticist
(228) 832-2747 X 210
Microsatellite marker development, genome mapping
Faridi, Nurul Dr. Nurul Faridi
Collaborating Faculty, USDA Forest Service
(979) 862-3908
Tree cytogenetics
Fleischman, Forrest D. Dr. Forrest D. Fleischman
Assistant Professor
Environmental Policy, Politics, and Administration
Krutovsky, Konstantin Dr. Konstantin "Kostya" V. Krutovsky
Adjunct Professor
+49-(551)-39-35-37 (off.)
Forest genomics, population genetics, conservation genetics
Loh, Douglas Dr. Douglas K. Loh
Information technology and geographic information systems (GIS)
Martina, Jason P. Dr. Jason P. Martina
Adjunct Assistant Professor
(979) 845-2114
Ecosystem ecology, wetland ecology, invasive species
Nanjia Dr. Vinay Dr. Vinay Nangia
Adjunct Member of the Graduate Faculty
Agricultural Hydrologist
Nelson, Dana Dr. Dana Nelson
Research Geneticist & Project Leader. U.S. Forest Service
(228) 832.2747 ext. 201
Research geneticist
Dr. Ross Nelson
Adjunct Faculty, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
(301) 614-6632
Perotto-Baldivieso, Humberto Dr. Humberto L. Perotto-Baldivieso
Adjunct Faculty
Landscape ecology, spatial analysis, remote sensing, GIS
Theodori, Gene L. Gene L. Theodori
Professor and Chair of Sociology, Sam Houston State University
(936) 294-4143
Community development, energy policy, rural sociology, sociology of natural resources and the Environment
Tjoelker, Mark Dr. Mark G. Tjoelker
+61 2 4570 1618 Australia
Forest ecology
Vogel, Jason Dr. Jason Vogel
Associate Professor
(979) 845-5580
Forest ecosystem science
Wagner, Matthew W. Dr. Matthew Wagner
Project Administration, Wildlife Management Institute; Deputy Director, Wildlife Division, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (retired)
979.220.2863 (cell)
Wildlife management and policy
Washington-Allen, Robert Dr. Robert A. Washington-Allen
Environmental modeling and assessment
Watson, Todd Dr. W. Todd Watson
Adjunct Professor
(979) 218-0783
Urban forestry