Ryan Sheridan

Chair Dr. Sorin Popescu
Degree Program Ph.D., Forestry
Email ryan.sheridan@email.tamu.edu
Office/Lab WFES 360
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Research: Lidar Assisted Forest Inventory and Analysis Measurements.
Ryan came to Texas A&M after finishing his undergraduate degree in Forest Resource Management at the University of Idaho, where he also received a GIS certificate. Ryan was introduced to remote sensing through a required aerial photography interpretation class, and upon its completion enrolled in almost every GIS and Remote Sensing class offered by the Forestry and Geography Departments. The summer prior to his final year at the University of Idaho Ryan was selected for the NASA Undergraduate Student Research Program (USRP), and spent the summer working at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. Ryan's current research focuses on the obtaining forest measurements using airborne and terrestrial lidar systems. Other areas of interest for Ryan include: spaceborne lidar systems, multispectral remote sensing, hyperspectral remote sensing, statistics, and programming.