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Dr. Cliff Lamb

Interim Department Head

Hello and welcome to the Ecosystem Science and Management Department, one of the top ranked natural resource programs in the World. In our department hundreds of faculty, staff and students integrate knowledge derived from several science disciplines with a focus on sustainable rangeland, forest, savanna, and wetland ecosystems. The synergy that arises from the integration of biological, physical, and social sciences in ESSM gives rise to novel solutions suitable for deep uncertainty and unprecedented change that are defining the future of our natural ecosystems. As you explore our webpage you will see that we are not entrenched in any one discipline or any single ecosystem, we are as broad and diverse as the environment we live in and the issues we face.

Highlights of our research and teaching programs include:

  • Small classes taught by nationally and internationally recognized professors
  • Field-based classes and labs
  • Study abroad opportunities to South Africa and beyond
  • Bold innovations in ecosystem science and management
  • Global leaders in ecosystem sustainability and conservation
  • Multidisciplinary approaches to education and research

We are excited you are interested in our department and encourage you to join us as we face the future challenges associated with managing our forests, rangelands, savannas and wetlands. We will make a difference.


Financial Support

The department offers over $400,000 in scholarships and fellowships to undergraduate and graduate students.

Appreciation for Diversity

The department seeks to give opportunities to students from underrepresented backgrounds, including underrepresented minorities, women, persons with disabilities, first-generation college students, and students from underserved communities.

Focus on Breadth of Knowledge

Students in ESSM are able to take courses in various departments across campus. The department values interdisciplinary learning, as well as experiential learning. Many ESSM courses have field trips and other high impact learning experiences.


Student Testimonials


"The department promotes inter-disciplinary research that gives students the opportunity to interact with experts from not only ESSM, but departments across TAMU and other institutes in the state of Texas. Students are introduced to a wide range of methodologies used in the extensive field of ecology, as the department has its own research stations covering distinct ecosystems across the state."
-Ajinkya Deshpande, ESSM GSA Treasurer


"The diversity and quality of research being conducted by folks in ESSM is very exciting and beneficial to me. Learning how important questions are being explored and addressed in other ecosystems has helped me gain confidence as a scientist and improved my understanding of my own research."
-Paul Klockow, ESSM Seminar Chair


"The ESSM faculty and staff are so welcoming and willing to help students. They answer my questions before I can even ask them. When I do have questions, they go out of their way to find answers and support me."
-Lars Coleman, ESSM graduate student

One of the best features about the ESSM department is the flexibility in research opportunities.  No matter what subject interests you, the professors are more than willing to provide their unique insight to help you study.
-Paul Goetze, ESSM GSA President

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