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Madysen Rydeen
ESSM Graduate Program Academic Advisor


I am happy to support your graduate student experience by providing answers for you in person and online on this page. You can find important links, who to go to with questions, informational videos, and an FAQ below. If you have questions that are not answered here, do not hesitate to contact me at the information listed below my photo. I would love to meet with you one on one anytime you need to talk something out.  



Questions about Your Program?

When to see Madysen:

  • Questions about degree requirements, registration for courses, submission of documents on DPSS and to OGAPS
  • Questions on anything discussed at new student orientation or found in the graduate student handbook
  • Questions about graduate student involvement, upcoming events
  • Information on important deadlines
  • Questions about progress towards degree, applying for graduation, etc.
  • Need to send an email to ESSM graduate students, faculty, and/or staff
  • Need to print a poster for a course or meeting
  • Questions on international student status
  • Questions about funding: departmental and college fellowships, teaching assistantships
  • Mental health concerns, emotional support

When to see your faculty advisor:

  • Development of degree plan
  • Development of research plan and proposal
  • Formation of graduate advisory committee
  • Check in meetings on progress through courses and research
  • Updates on status of writing thesis/dissertation
  • Experiencing an overload of coursework, work responsibilities, research, etc.

If you're unsure who to talk to about a situation, it is probably best to speak with both Madysen and your faculty advisor. 

"How to" Videos

How to File and Submit a Degree Plan

How to Submit Petition to Change a Course on your Degree Plan

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How to Submit other Petitions

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Contact Us

  • Main office: HFSB 305, 2138 TAMU, (979) 845-5033
  • Undergraduate academic advisor office: KLCT 122D,
  • Graduate academic advisor office: HFSB 302A,
  • Information technology office: WFES 308, Mailing address

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