Recent Master's Professional Papers


  • Burke, R.C. III (Advisor: R. Knight). Ecohydrological Effects of Roadways within the Clear Fork of the Brazos Drainage.


  • Adams, J. (Advisor: B. Rogers). Feral Hogs in the United States: Impacts of Sus Scrofa on the Environment, Industry, and American Culture.


  • McFarland, J. (Advisor: U. Kreuter). Biophysical Potential for Conservation Practices for the Attwater’s Prairie Chicken: Suitable Habitat and Limitations.


  • Chesnut Culbert, J. (Advisor: R. Knight). Agricultural Influence on Water Resources: Significance of Best Management Practices (Bmps) In Managing Water Quality.


  • Martinez, I. (Advisor: R. Knight). Demand Management of the Edwards Aquifer Through Water Conservation and Drought Contingency Plans.
  • Richards, A. (Advisor: F. Smeins). Demographic Variation and Evaluation of Biotic/Abiotic Drivers of the Habitat Distribution Using Spatial Autocorrelation for the Endangered Orchid, Spiranthes parksii.


  • Adams, L. (Advisors: K. Loh and R. Coulson). Forest Governance in Peru: A Case Study Analysis.
  • Jones, W.T. (Advisors: R. Knight and W. Rogers). Issues in Urban Wildlife Management: Feral Pigeons in Downtown Houston, Texas.
  • Reynolds, L. (Advisor: D. Loh). Wild Horse Eco-sanctuaries: Management Breakthrough or Public Storage?

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