Recent Master's Theses



  • Doner, Yavuz. (Advisor: J. Gan). Linking Multi-Year and Multi-Sensor Land Cover Data to Water Yield in the Nueces Headwaters Watershed Of Texas.
  • McDaniel, Thomas. (Advisor: U. Kreuter). Prescribed Fire Outreach in the Southern Great Plains: Challenges and Opportunities.
  • Minor, M. (Advisor: J. Vogel). A Review of Angiospem and Gymnosprm Wood Decay in Loblolly Pine Dominated Ecosystems in the Southeastern United States.
  • Murali, M. (Advisor: X. Wu). A Spatial Analysis of the Historic Progression of Memorial Park in Houston, TX.


  • Abney, A. (Advisor: U. Kreuter). Landowner Perceptions of Woody Plant Encroachment and Prescribed Fire Liability.
  • Brooke, C. (Advisor: M. Lawing). Identifying the Environmental Controls on Wildland Fire in the South-Central United States.
  • Centeno, C. (Advisor: S. Hatch). Development of PCR-based Transposable Element Assays for Verification of Pearl Millet-Napiergrass Hybrids (Pennisetum glaucum [L.] R. Br x Pennisetum purpureumSchumach.)
  • Fitzgerald, M. (Advisor: R. Coulson). Modeling Habitat Suitability for Pan Troglodytes Verus in Montane Rainforests.
  • Putman, E. (Advisor: S. Popescu).  Quantifying Standing Dead Tree Volume and Structural Loss with Voxelized Terrestrial Lidar Data.
  • Reed, T. (Advisor: C. Loopstra). Texas Tree Court Cases.


  • Austin, M. (Advisor: M. Eriksson). Conversion of PLSS Coordinates Using Automatically Generated Regression Domains.
  • Furman, M. (Advisor: R. Feagin). Dune Plant Biophysical Traits and Their Impacts on Erosion.
  • Gao, W. (Advisors: J.R. Conner and J. Angerer). Examining the Impact of Grazing Pressure and Severe Winter Disasters on livestock Population Dynamics in Mongolian Rangeland.
  • Marquezini-Leite, P. (Advisor: B. Wilcox). Effects of Forest Regrowth and Ants on the Recovery of Soil Hydraulic Properties in a Semiarid Region of Brazil.
  • Min-Venditti, A. (Advisors: F. Fleischman and G. Moore). Strengthening Connections Between Science and Public Policy: Land Use in the Tropics and Associated Impacts on Forest Cover and Hydrology.
  • Nally, D. (Advisor: F. Smeins). Growth, Development and Vertebrate and Invertebrate Herbivory of the Federally Endangered Spiranthes parksii Correll and Sympatric Congener Spiranthes cernua.
  • Williams, A. (Advisors: W. Rogers and ). Plant parameters for plant functional groups of representative wetlands to enable process-based simulation modeling.
  • Wilson, T. (Advisor: J. Vogel). Principle Abiotic Factors Influencing the Structure and Function of Mature Pine Forests in Israel.
  • Zhang, Y. (Advisors: J. Vogel and J. West). Effects of Climate and Forest Management on Wood Decomposition in Southeastern U.S.


  • Beasley, J. (Advisor: B. Knight). Comparing the Impact of Bare Ground on Runoff/Discharge, Mean Load and Sediment Exports on Two Fort Hood Watersheds.
  • Garza, C. (Advisor: B. Coulson). Modeling Endemic Bark Beetle Populations in Southwestern Ponderosa Pine Forests.
  • Kruse, D. (Advisor: S. Hatch). Floristics and Biogeography of the Bryophyte Flora in the Big Thicket National Preserve, Southeast Texas.


  • Bruton, R. (Advisor: F. Smeins). The Effects of Woody Plant Management on Habitat Conditions, Plant Demography, and Transplantation Success of the Endangered Orchid Spiranthes parksii Correll.
  • Clark, M. (Advisors: W. Rogers and U. Kreuter). Evaluating the Interactive Effects of Seasonal Prescribed Fire and Grazing On Invasive Grass Abundance and Woody Brush Encroachment.
  • Dean, D. (Advisor: B. Wilcox). Hydrology of a Forested Wetland Complex in an Urbanizing Area of the Texas Gulf Coast and Clean Water Act Implications.
  • Wilson, E. (Advisor: J. West). The Drought Response of Physiological and Structural Traits in Loblolly Pine (P. taeda L.) Clones with a Focus on Mesophyll Conductance to CO_(2).


  • Lenoir, K. (Advisors: D. Briske and M. Tjoelker). Climate Warming and Drought Effects on Pinus and Juniperus Species: Contrasting Drought Tolerance Traits Limit Function and Growth in Tree Seedlings.
  • Mattox, A. (Advisor: J. West). Effects of Woody Vegetation Removal on Soil Water Dynamics in a South Texas Shrubland.
  • Srinivasan, S. (Advisor: S. Popescu). Multi-Temporal Terrestrial LIDAR for Estimating Individual Tree Dimenstions and Biomass Change.


  • Cline, M. (Advisor: R. Feagin). Landscape Scale Impacts of Sea Level Rise and Elevation Changes Along the Matagorda Fault in Matagorda, Texas.
  • Gurung, K. (Advisor: D. Loh). Spatial Valuation of Open Space Externalities in Baltimore County, Maryland.
  • Haile, K. (Advisor: S. Hatch). Vascular Plants of the Canyonlands Unit of the Big Thicket National Preserve, Tyler County, Texas.
  • Hoff, A. (Advisor: B. Wilcox). Using Trends and Geochemical Analysis to Assess Salinity Sources along the Pecos River, Texas.
  • Li, F. (Advisor: J. West). Effects of the Arundo donax L. on Hydrological Regime of the Rio Grande Basin.
  • McGinty, J. (Advisors: W. Rogers and F. Smeins). Effect of Rate and Season of Application of Aminocyclopyrachlor on the Control of Acacia Farnesiana (L.) Willd. in South Texas.


  • McAlister, J. (Advisor: F. Smeins). Granger Lake Sedimentation and Watershed Conservation Implementation Assessment.

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