Advising and Registration Procedures

  • Heather sends out the dates and times by email each semester. You need to schedule an appointment to see her during your designated time. There will be a sign-up sheet for advising appointments in Kleberg 122 D. PLEASE KNOW HOW MANY HOURS YOU HAVE COMPLETED AND WHEN YOUR REGISTRATION DATE IS.
  • Be prepared for your advising appointments. Be familiar with your degree plan and have a preliminary schedule for the semester worked out BEFORE the advising meeting. If courses will be taken at another institution and transferred
    for credit, indicate which courses at your advising appointment.
  • During your assigned registration time, register for courses recorded on the advising form we put together during your advising appointment. If you need to change these courses or if a course was full, in our department (i.e. ECOR, FORS, RENR, RLEM, or SPSA) please submit a force request. *Forces happen after registration is considered "open".

Contact Us

  • Main office: HFSB 305, 2138 TAMU, (979) 845-5033
  • Undergraduate academic advisor office: KLCT 122D,
  • Graduate academic advisor office: HFSB 302A,
  • Information technology office: WFES 308, Mailing address

Department Resources

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