Writing Course Requirements

  • Writing intensive courses are identified by section numbers in the 900s. Writing courses in our department are ESSM 315, ESSM 405, ESSM 406, ESSM 415, ESSM 430, ESSM 462,and ESSM 464.
  • Not all writing intensive courses will work for your major. Make sure you have approval from Heather to take a writing course before you enroll in it.

Contact Us

  • Main office: HFSB 305, 2138 TAMU, (979) 845-5033
  • Undergraduate academic advisor office: KLCT 122D, hjanke@tamu.edu
  • Graduate academic advisor office: HFSB 302A, mrydeen@tamu.edu
  • Information technology office: WFES 308, Mailing address

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