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  • Blocks


    • Each semester, all students are blocked until you meet with your advisor. Email Heather Janke for an appointment.
    • If you are below a 2.0 GPR at mid-term, you will be allowed to pre-register; however, your
      registration may be cancelled if final grades are not sufficient to warrant continuation.
    • Being allowed to pre-register does NOT imply automatic continuation for the next semester.  
  • Advising and Registration Procedures

    Advising and Registration Procedures

    • Heather sends out the dates and times by email each semester. You need to schedule an appointment to see her during your designated time. There will be a sign-up sheet for advising appointments in Kleberg 122 D. PLEASE KNOW HOW MANY HOURS YOU HAVE COMPLETED AND WHEN YOUR REGISTRATION DATE IS.
    • Be prepared for your advising appointments. Be familiar with your degree plan and have a preliminary schedule for the semester worked out BEFORE the advising meeting. If courses will be taken at another institution and transferred
      for credit, indicate which courses at your advising appointment.
    • During your assigned registration time, register for courses recorded on the advising form we put together during your advising appointment. If you need to change these courses or if a course was full, in our department (i.e. ECOR, FORS, RENR, RLEM, or SPSA) please submit a force request. *Forces happen after registration is considered "open".
  • Directed Studies Courses (485)

    Directed Studies Courses (485)

    • If you plan to take a 485 Directed Studies, you MUST fill out the Directed Studies form, get the required signatures and return to Heather.
    • Check your degree audit on Howdy. If it does not show credit for transfer courses
      taken, you may need to have the other institution send a transcript to Texas A&M. If credit has
      been transferred but is not showing as counting in the degree plan, see Heather for appropriate
      substitutions that might be able to be made.  
  • Writing Course Requirements

    Writing Course Requirements

    • Writing intensive courses are identified by section numbers in the 900s. Writing courses in our department are ESSM 315, ESSM 405, ESSM 406, ESSM 415, ESSM 430, ESSM 462,and ESSM 464.
    • Not all writing intensive courses will work for your major. Make sure you have approval from Heather to take a writing course before you enroll in it.
  • Internships (484)

    Internships (484)

    • Our department gives academic credit for working on a summer job or internship, write a detailed report over the internship, and receive from 1 to 4 credits depending on the amount of time you are on the internship. This MUST be arranged BEFORE the work is done, not afterwards, and requires filling out and filing the standard departmental 484 form.
    • Recommended electives for various emphasis areas are available from your advisor
  • Q-drops


    Complete this form and submit to Heather Janke by noon on the Q-drop deadline.

  • Force Requests

    Force Requests

    Note that our office will not begin reviewing and processing force requests until open registration begins for the semester. Therefore, please do not call our office asking when you will be forced into a class.

    Please email your academic advisor, Heather Janke, the following information:

    • Subject line: Force Request
    • Please include your UIN, graduation date, the CRN, course, and section you are trying to get into.

    Remember, Heather can only force into the following courses:

    • All ESSM undergraduate and graduate
    • RENR 205, 215, 405, 470, 659, 660, and FRSC 420


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