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The mission of our undergraduate programs is to prepare students for leadership in the science and stewardship of rangeland, forest and wetland ecosystems across the rural-urban gradient.

We offer Bachelors of Science degrees in Ecological Restoration, Forestry, Rangeland Ecology and Management, Renewable Natural Resources, and Spatial Sciences. 

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Heather Haliburton Janke
Undergraduate Academic Advisor

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Undergraduate Degrees

Ecological Restoration

This degree is designed for students preparing for a professional career in the restoration or reclamation of degraded or severely damaged lands. 


Forest Resource Management is designed to both educate and train professionals to manage forests and conduct forest research. 

Spatial Sciences

This degree gives students the knowledge and skills to use computer-based technologies such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and Remote Sensing. 

Renewable Natural Resources

The Renewable and Natural Resources degree is for students with a broad interest in natural resources and ecology, including forestry and associated values such as range and wildland, wildlife, recreation, water, and other environmental sciences. 

Rangeland Ecology and Management

Students majoring in Rangeland Ecology and Management are taught to integrate knowledge and technology in a systems approach to manage land for sustainable utilization of natural resources. 

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