Minor in Rangeland Ecology and Management

A selection from among the following courses will constitute a minor field of study. (Note: the College of Agriculture and Life sciences requires a C or better in any course used for the minor.)

Select  hours from the following 300-400 level courses:

  • ESSM 302 (3 hrs) ESSM 303 (3 hrs) or ESSM 304 (4 hrs) required
  • ESSM 314 (3 hrs) required
  • Select 3 of the following courses:
    • ESSM 301 (3 hrs)
    • ESSM 317 (3 hrs)
    • ESSM 320 (3 hrs)
    • ESSM 316 (3 hrs)
    • ESSM 416 (3 hrs)
    • ESSM 420 (3 hrs)


  • Students are required to take either ESSM 302, ESSM 303 or ESSM 304 as part of the minor program.
  • Students are required to take ESSM 314 as part of the minor program.
  • Minimum of 15 hours required.
  • Must maintain a 2.0 or above in minor curriculum.
  • RENR 205/215 and BIOL (any course) are prerequisites for several of the classes required for the minor in Rangeland Ecology & Management.  Students must satisfy these prerequisites or have approval from the instructor prior to taking a class.

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