Watershed Certificate

The goal of the watershed certificate is to provide a rigorous and high quality program that will produce graduates capable of working as a professional in watershed or hydrology fields, but with very solid scientific and ecological foundation. Graduates will be qualified to work in government or consulting or if they choose, be prepared to pursue graduate training in any watershed/hydrology science program. Training will be built on a solid foundation in watershed management and hydrology.

Required Courses (13 hrs required)

  • ESSM 301: Wildland Watershed Management
  • ESSM 305: Watershed Analysis and Planning
  • GEOG 434: Hydrology and Environment
  • GEOL 410: Hydrogeology

Suggested Electives: (Select 6 hrs) Check each course for required prerequisites.

  • ATMO 201: Atmospheric Science
  • BESC 320: Water and the Environment and Society
  • BESC 403: Sampling and Environ. Monitoring
  • ESSM 311: Biogeochemistry and Global Change
  • ESSM 440: Wetland Delineation
  • GEOG 324: Global Climate Regions
  • GEOG 331: Geomorphology
  • GEOG 361: Remote Sensing in Geosciences
  • GEOG 370: Coastal Processes
  • GEOG 400: Arid Lands Geomorphology
  • GEOL 420: Environmental Geology
  • RENR 444: Remote Sensing
  • RENR 470: Environmental Impact Assessment
  • SCSC 301: Soil Science
  • WFSC 414: Ecology of Lakes and Rivers
  • WFSC 428: Wetland Ecosystems Management
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