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Texas A&M University
Department of Ecosystem Science & Management
Attn: Business Office
495 Horticulture Rd., room 305
2138 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-2138

Kristi J. Smith
Business Administrator II
(979) 862-2128

Fax Number: 979-845-6049
Email Address for Purchase Orders: ESSMBusiness@tamu.edu

Payroll & Human Resources

Application Requirement for Temporary Wage Positions

An application is now required to be submitted to payroll with other new employee paperwork for wage (temporary) positions.  The best practice for recruiting and selection of wage or temporary positions is noted in the Recruiting and Selection Guide for Hiring Managers and Supervisors  and includes posting an NOV and accepting applications in Greatjobs.  You may have the applicant complete and print an application from Greatjobs or complete a new form, AG-402, Application for Wage/Temporary Position.   The application will be submitted to payroll along with the other new employee paperwork.

Employee Termination Checklist

It’s important to notify the ESSM Business Office when an employee is leaving employment in order for our office to complete the proper documents in a timely manner.  The agency has procedures that an AG-442, Employee Out-Processing Checklist must be submitted to payroll within 30 days of the employee’s last day on the payroll.  The checklist is to assist units in timely removal of electronic access and return of property.  Our office will be asking Managers for assistance in helping us complete the checklist for outgoing employees.

Information Technology

IT Reminders and Help

Please report ANY security incident with your computer to Jeff Wythe via email (wythe@tamu.edu) or phone (979.255.0098), whether it involves your computer directly or not. Examples:

  • Having your security software give you a report of a virus on your computer
  • Someone you don’t know attempting to use a departmental computer
  • Receiving an email asking you for a password
  • Each employee is responsible for maintaining data backups if they elect not to use the department of ESSM file services. If you don’t know for sure whether you are using these services, please reach out for assistance. FYI: most users have at least some data on their computer that needs backup, even if you are using the file services.
  • Employees should not keep confidential information on their workstation, such as credit card numbers or social security numbers. 

IT Support Contact Directory 

Please try to reboot before you make a call.

Website Hosting

New web sites needed by TAMU ESSM faculty, staff, and student clubs/organizations will be hosted by AgriLife Communications going forward. To request a new site, complete a work request form. Please include in the description whether you the URL to be of the form http://agrilife.org/sitename or http://sitename.tamu.edu.

Once your website is set up, contact Madysen Rydeen to add a link to your new site on the ESSM website, under your faculty page or other location as deemed appropriate.


How do I get a short term visitor, visiting scientist, or visiting scholar on the wireless network?

Please review the information regarding policy here: https://infrastructure.tamu.edu/identity/

Then proceed to down load this form and submit to identity management:http://infrastructure.tamu.edu/identity/forms/GuestNetIDAccountRequestForm.pdf

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