Horticulture/Forest Science Building (HFSB)

495 Horticulture Road, College Station, TX 77843
Office number: 979-845-5033

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Located in this building:

  • ESSM Business Office
  • Graduate Advising Office
  • Faculty /Staff
  • ESSM Extension Office
  • Classrooms/Students
  • Dendrology Lab (Forest Trees of North America)
  • Forestry Club (Society of American Foresters)
  • Greenhouses on the west side

90,000 square foot building with a beautiful atrium, modern spacious research and teaching computer laboratories with the latest scientific equipment.

Contact Us

  • Main office: HFSB 305, 2138 TAMU, (979) 845-5033
  • Undergraduate academic advisor office: KLCT 122D, hjanke@tamu.edu
  • Graduate academic advisor office: HFSB 302A, mrydeen@tamu.edu
  • Information technology office: WFES 308, Mailing address

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