Drs. Casola and Koralewski co-author a paper on the Douglas-fir genome sequencing and analysis

Aug 2, 2017

Dr. Claudio Casola, assistant professor in the Ecosystem Science and Management Department at Texas A&M University, and Dr. Tomasz Koralewski, postdoctoral research associate in the Casola’s lab, co-authored the article "The Douglas-Fir Genome Sequence Reveals Specialization of the Photosynthetic Apparatus in Pinaceae” published online on July 27 in the journal G3.

The study describes the sequencing, assembly and analysis of the first Douglas-fir genome. Drs. Casola and Koralewski discovered that genes are duplicated and lost at a surprisingly high pace in Douglas-fir and other Pinaceae genome. They also found that genetic networks associated with phloem defense mechanisms have expanded during the evolution of the Douglas-fir, whereas several genes involved in photosynthesis have been lost in this species. These genetic changes are likely involved in the emergence of traits that enabled adaptation of Douglas-fir trees to their environment.

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