Dr. Georgianne Moore Co-Author on Article Published in Nature, Ecology & Evolution

Nov 18, 2017

A new discovery is providing scientists a better understanding of how rainfall is shared beneficially by the plant community and the human population, in addition to the effects of climate change.

“It’s going to be a wet gets wetter, dry gets drier world,” said Dr. Georgianne Moore, Texas A&M University department of ecosystem science and management associate professor, College Station.

“There could be big consequences, as it will affect forests, grasslands, savannas and deserts. Scientists can now use the model we have to help make predictions about the future of these plant communities.”

(an excerpt from the Agrilife TODAY journal, read more here)

Click here to read the article in Nature Ecology & Evolution.


Dr. Georgianne Moore in Costa Rica where she studied transpiration of tropical trees in one of the wettest environments represented in the Nature paper. (Texas A&M AgriLife photo)

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