ESSM Spring 2018 Milestone Event

Apr 30, 2018


The ESSM Milestone event is a celebratory event that occurs once per semester. This event recognizes any major accomplishments by faculty, retirements, and major life events for ESSM faculty and staff. The ESSM department is delighted to see the great work and dedication brought by faculty and staff. We are always thrilled to come together to celebrate these many fine achievements. 


Dr. Kavanagh and Theresa Nemec with Jene't, recipient of ESSM 2018 Staff Award.

IMG_6979.jpg (1)

Dr. Kavanagh awards Dr. Knight his 40 year pin.


Dr. Kavanagh awards Dr. Boutton his 30 year pin.


Dr. Kavanagh awards Dr. Kreuter his 25 year pin.


Mr. Hamilton receives his retirement gift from Dr. Kavanagh.


Dr. Conner Receives his retirement gift from Dr. Kavanagh.

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