Dr. Douglas K. Loh




Information technology and geographic information systems (GIS)


Ph.D. Texas A&M University - Industrial Engineering
M.S. National Taiwan University - Forestry
B.S. National Chung-hsing University - Forestry



Dr. Loh is an Associate Professor in the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management at Texas A&M University. Dr. Loh received his BS in Forestry from the National Chung-hsing University located in Taichung, Taiwan (1972), his MS (1977) in Forestry from the National Taiwan University in Taipei and a Ph.D. (1984) in Industrial Engineering from Texas A&M University. Upon receiving his Ph.D. he began working the Department of Entomology at Texas A&M University as an Assistant Research Scientist and was promoted to System's Analyst in 1985. He joined the RLEM faculty in 1988 as an Assistant Professor and was promoted to an Associate Professor in 1993. His areas of interest are knowledge engineering, geographic information systems, resource conservation, sustainable development and ecosystem management.

Dr. Loh has teaching responsibilities in both graduate and undergraduate courses, teaching the intricacies of natural resource management, and computer applications in agriculture.

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