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Forest ecology


Ph.D. Forestry, University of Minnesota, 1997
M.S. Botany, University of Tennessee, 1988
B.S. Biology, Calvin College, 1986


+61 2 4570 1618 Australia




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Prof. Mark G Tjoelker
Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment
University of Western Sydney
Hawkesbury Campus, Building L3
Locked Bag 1797
Penrith, NSW 2751




Dr. Tjoelker's research focuses on the impacts of global environmental change on terrestrial ecosystems. His research includes savanna and forests in North America, Europe, and Australia. As a physiological ecologist, he explores the linkages between plant traits and processes at the individual, stand, and ecosystem scales. Research interests include climate change effects on respiration and carbon cycling, climatic adaptation in plant traits, and the biogeography of forest tree species. He and his students conduct basic and applied research in the laboratory and field in Texas and beyond. A goal of his laboratory is to advance fundamental knowledge of plant and ecosystem responses to environmental change and provide science-based information to inform policy choices. He has authored more than 70 refereed journal articles and edited the book, The Biology and Ecology of Norway Spruce (Springer, 2007). His awards include a Fulbright Fellowship (1995) to Poland and the Molecular and Environmental Plant Sciences Outstanding Young Faculty Award at Texas A&M University (2009). His published work is among the most cited (top 1%) in the refereed literature (ISI, Essential Science Indicators). Dr. Tjoelker teaches Forest Ecology and Terrestrial Ecosystems and Global Change and serves as undergraduate Forestry program leader. Dr. Tjoelker has served grant advisory panels for the U.S. Department of Energy and other agencies. He serves on the editorial advisory boards of New Phytologist and Tree Physiology and is an Associate Editor for Functional Ecology. In spring 2009, Dr. Tjoelker was a Visiting Fellow at the Australian National University. In addition to his appointment in the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management, Dr. Tjoelker is a member of the interdisciplinary faculties of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Molecular and Environmental Plant Sciences.

Selected Publications

Tjoelker MG, J Oleksyn, G Lorenc-Plucinska, PB Reich. 2009. Acclimation of respiratory temperature responses in northern and southern populations of Pinus banksiana. New Phytologist 181, 218-229.

Reich PB, MG Tjoelker, KS Pregitzer, IJ Wright, J Oleksyn, J-L Machado. 2008. Scaling of respiration to nitrogen in leaves, stems and roots of higher land plants. Ecology Letters 11, 793-781.


Tjoelker MG, J Oleksyn, PB Reich, R Zytkowiak. 2008. Coupling of respiration, nitrogen, and sugars underlies convergent temperature acclimation in Pinus banksiana across wide-ranging sites and populations. Global Change Biology 14: 782-797.

Chmura DJ, MG Tjoelker. 2008. Leaf traits in relation to crown development, light interception, and growth of elite families of loblolly and slash pine. Tree Physiology 28: 729-742.

Reich, PB, MG Tjoelker, J-L Machado, J Oleksyn. 2006. Universal scaling of respiratory metabolism, size and nitrogen in plants. Nature 439, 457-461.

Tjoelker, MG, JM Craine, DA Wedin, PB Reich, DG Tilman. 2005. Linking leaf and root trait syndromes among 39 grassland and savannah species. New Phytologist 167, 493-508.

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Atkin OK, MG Tjoelker 2003. Thermal acclimation and the dynamic response of plant respiration to temperature. Trends in Plant Science 8, 343-351.

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