Dr. Richard Teague



Professor & Associate Resident Director - Research


Sustainable management, ecological restoration, ecological economics modeling


Ph.D. University of Witwatersrand - Botany & Ecology
B.S. University of Natal - Grassland Science


(940) 552-9941 ext 235




Texas AgriLife Research and Extension Center at Vernon
P.O. Box 2159
Vernon, Texas 76385-2159 USA

Dr. Teague is a range ecologist with Texas AgriLife Research. Dr. Teague grew up and received his schooling in Zimbabwe, Africa. He received his BS (1972) in Grassland Science, from the University of Natal, Pietermaritsburg, South Africa and Ph.D. (1987)in Botany-Ecology at the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa. He has practical and research experience in grazing management systems, brush control with fire and chemicals on semi-arid rangeland in Africa and North America. He joined the Texas AgriLife Research and Extension CenterĀ at Vernon in late 1991 as an Associate Professor.

He believes that research and service must provide the linkage that enables managers to base decisions for sustainable land use on the principles of ecosystem function. He has used four key elements to enhance this linkage: a systems research program, resource accounting, long-term assessment and partnering with rancher clientele. He uses a systems approach in developing land and livestock management practices that sustain natural rangeland resources and the people depending on the land. His goals are to (1) broaden the understanding of requirements needed to sustain rangeland resources and economic viability, and (2) generate science based information to allow producers to improve management practices on rangeland.

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